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Opinions wanted on Northern Wisconsin Bass Fishing Vacation

7/29/16 @ 7:25 AM
User since 3/3/09

Hello Linkers.  I am looking at taking a fall vacation to the northwoods.  Most people this time of year are chasing skis or after eyes, but I would like to fish for big fall bronzebacks or even the green ones are fine too.  Can anybody recommend some northern Wisconsin lakes that are good for bassin and also possible resorts / hotels to stay close to the area?  Last year I took the little lady to North Twin in Phelps and that was a flop as it was no where near the bass lake I thought it might be.  Any recommendations up north whether it is west, central, or close to the UP (vilas cty) would be appreciated

5/26/17 @ 1:58 PM
User since 7/5/05

Just looked at this post and was intrigued as I am always looking for a great Smallie Lake. I live in SE Iowa and we have virtually NO smallies down here. I am strictly a CPR fisherman. I have  been coming up to TFF and The Gile for the past 20 years but feel the last few years haven't been as good. Maybe I have just hit them wrong but if anyone would be willing to send me a private message as to other locations I should try, I would be very appreciative. Would be willing to travel to the U.P. as well. I know I could go to the Great Lakes waters and do well but really prefer the smaller waters of the north woods. Thanks for your time and help.

8/25/16 @ 1:00 PM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15

I fished up that way one year and hit the mayfly hatch. OMG I had a white boat that turned grey overnight.  However I think that area is beautiful .   It is called the north woods for a reason the trees are huge.  Lots of things to do good fishing and resorts that make you feel at home...

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8/24/16 @ 6:55 PM
User since 7/4/05

Want bass, lots of them, go to upper and lower buckatabon in conover wisconsin... There are some big smallies there and millions of largies.. Stay at M-N-L. On lower bucky or at buckatabon lodge.. Bucky lodge is a campground cottage resort.. I have been fishing buckys since 1973. Message me if you need or want fishing spots

21" smallie in the pic

8/23/16 @ 2:53 PM
User since 7/2/12

I really do not think there is a bad spot to go for Bass in northern WI.  Just have fun where ever you go and if you happen to have a car topper or Kayak don't underestimate the little lakes that have no boat ramps.  Some of them are full of good quality fish.

8/11/16 @ 10:36 AM
Mr. Darboy
User since 6/12/06

I think you would be happy fishing the Minocqua Chain.  Unlimited options for both species and they are very easy to catch.  You have the chance at a trophy smallie on Lake Tomahawk or Kewagasauga and there is unlimited cover and offshore structure to fish for largemouth as well.  From my experiences there, the bass are pretty easy to catch if you are anything more than a novice angler, which from the sounds of it you are an experience basser so should do well.  Multiple VRBO or resorts to rent up there depending on your needs.

Other places you could also try that have both species and are fairly easy to fish would be Pelican Lake north of Antigo, Eagle River Chain, Rhinelander area lakes, Crystal Lake north of Minocqua, Boulder Jct. area lakes, especially Clear Lake.  If you want to go after only trophies, Chequamagon Bay has some dandies but the numbers could be hit or miss.

The Three Lake Chain is also a great chain and we used to do real well with big smallies on the rocks (4-5 lbs) and lots of largemouth 14"-18" slop fishing in the late summer.  Big Stone or Laurel are very good, and all the interconnected throughfares have plenty of largemouth cover as well.  Have fun whatever you decide and best of luck.

8/10/16 @ 10:34 PM
User since 6/29/16

Gile flowage in Hurley is probably the finest smallmouth fishery in Wisconsin. 

If you don't mind sharing 3000 acres with 4-5 other boats. 

The local communities could use some business too. Give it a look, you won't be disappointed.

8/1/16 @ 11:31 AM
User since 12/25/02

Long lake s/e of spooner. It's more of a large mouth than smallie lake but I have caught some nice smallies out of there. We always stay at the Pioneer resort.

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