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Keeping Bass

5/22/19 @ 12:35 PM
MEMBER since 6/22/01

How many of you keep bass, largemouth or smallmouth?

I fish a lake in Southeastern Wisconsin for eating bass that has a slot limit, no fish between 14 and 18 inches may be kept.  This lake has this regulation because you can catch 100 bass in a couple of hours, and out of those 100 bass maybe 1 or 2 would reach the slot.  The limit is 3, and I think a 12 or 13 inch bass is as good as any other freshwater fish!  I've been on lakes that have a 14 inch minimum and kept a 16 inch fish and it tasted like the weeds it was living in!  

Personally I wish there were more lakes in the state with slot limits like 14-18 inch, or 16-20, something like that.  Keep the small ones and let the big ones go!

Which one tastes better, a largemouth or a smallmouth?  In my opinion and based on experience the smallmouth tastes better.  

Also, just so you know, on keeping bass.  I go to that lake in Southeastern Wisconsin once a year, so I'm not keeping a ton of bass out of that lake, or any lake for that matter.  But I do like them and think they taste as good or better than a bluegill or perch.

Here's a great video my friend did of a bass being caught, kept, cleaned and eaten fresh. Delicious!

7/4/20 @ 9:20 AM
User since 1/19/10

My dad always said there was some preferred ratio of lbs of panfish taken to lbs of game fish taken. This might just be another old timers tale like what Carpio was saying.

7/3/20 @ 1:24 PM
MEMBER since 6/22/01

I'm on a lake up north this week but in the past I've gone to Beulah, Eagle Spring and Lulu and caught small bass. Beulah last time I went had a 12-16 inch slot though. Wish the slot started at 14 or 15 cause 12-14 is the size I like the most.

7/2/20 @ 9:28 PM
User since 3/17/06

I go to lakes with overpopulated bass, slot limit,  keep some 10 to 12 inch for the pan, verytasty when prepared right. Those tender young bass are great eating any time of the year. Beulah, Eagle Springs is where I usually go.

7/2/20 @ 7:55 PM
MEMBER since 3/21/20

sounds like beulah to me

7/2/20 @ 10:24 AM
MEMBER since 6/22/01

I'm staying on a lake this week that has no size limit on the bass. We kept a few and grilled them and man were they good! The fish were about 12 inches on average, one was 15 inches. Today I caught a 17 inch bass and I let it go, I'll take the small ones!

3/27/20 @ 11:36 AM
User since 3/27/20

Would you be willing to say what lake you fish? I usually fish Long and Cedar, just curious if it is one of those.  Thanks!

3/7/20 @ 7:27 PM
User since 6/14/05

bass is a member of the sunfish family and they taste great....I will be eating a LOT more since the decline in panfish save the resources for our children...pike too....a legal musky would be a bonus for me...wouldn't even considered it a couple years ago....but we adapt.....

3/7/20 @ 11:19 AM
drummer boy
drummer boy
User since 3/14/08

Depends in Canada large fish no mater what kind,tast like smaller fish.Fort peck in montana 30inch pike taste great 30inch pike in Wisconsin not so mutch.It is all about how clean the water is.Plus large fish have more mercury.So why not keep the smaller bass if you want a fish fry?To me they do taste better.

3/4/20 @ 6:56 PM
MEMBER since 7/9/12

Another one is fish taste different depending on if you catch it in the winter or summer. Lol Another one is that a 18” walleye tastes different than a 26” walleye. This one has already been argued about, so not going to open old wounds. Lol

2/12/20 @ 10:40 AM
MEMBER since 11/5/17

Snake.  A crock for sure!  Old timers tales like the saying that you can’t thaw fish on the counter or they will get soft and soggy. Lol    Or that you can’t re- freeze fish, same reason.   I was taught that but proved it wrong.  The same thing with keeping your fish ALIVE in the live well during the summer. They’ll be just fine. Them being dead is another matter. CARPIO 

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