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12/17/15 @ 8:41 AM
Josh Holliday
User since 12/20/03
So I am in the market for a new frog rod and I am trying to find a decent rod with good tip action so it doesn't feel like a 2x4. preferably priced in the $100.00 or less. I know that I can spend big money and get a great rod but I am a weekend angler and don't want to break the bank.... any suggestions

1/18/18 @ 12:27 PM
User since 5/5/14

I am using the Lews Mach II series rods. I believe it's 7'6" in MH

1/14/18 @ 5:59 AM
User since 1/6/18

I use a 7'6 MH Veritas ($99) for hollow materials and a Dobyns 804c ($180 with my military discount) for buzzing toads.

That Dobyns rod is a small bit over my price point for moving baits, but the rod is so excellent for fishing small/mid-sized moving baits and I use it so much, I can certainly justify the cost.

Good Luck 

7/26/16 @ 2:16 PM
User since 4/10/11

You don't need a rod to catch frogs. A small net or your hands will suffice. 

7/26/16 @ 11:00 AM
User since 3/21/14

To me, part of working a frog is, for lack of better terms, wiggling the hell out of it as I retrieve.  A heavy, long rod makes this difficult and wears out your hands and forearms.  I like a 7 foot or nearly that heavy rod, I use either a 7 ft IM7 Gander Mtn rod ( two hand handle) or a 6'9" St Croix that is designed for topwater ( both are bait casters, which is my favorite.  I love the St Croix in terms of being able to work the lure, but sometimes it is a bit soft for hook sets.  The other rod is a bit bulkier and harder to work, but works well enough and I think I can get a harder hook set.  I also have started morphing to a different hookset.  Rather than wail away with the rod, I lift it a bit and reel like hell, loading the rod.  I seem to get more hooksets this way and when I miss, the frog doesn't leave the county.

I LOVE working frogs, especially down south, and do it a lot.


7/25/16 @ 6:24 AM
Troy Stoeger
User since 4/2/02

My frog rod is a Gander Tournament 7' heavy. Its light, cheap and has a warranty. I think they are $80 but routinely on sale for less. Actually all of my kayak rods are the same money. They're quality rods but also inexpensive enough that if I lose one over the side, I wont lose too much sleep. 

Troy Stoeger Guide Service
(920) 277-5578
1/13/16 @ 10:39 PM
Max Rap
User since 12/29/12
Cabelas Tournament ZX Bass Casting Rod(Topwater/Frog). Priced at $99. I use this exact rod for jigs and spinnerbaits as well. The rod is powerful, light weight, perfect length in my opinion(7'3"),it's sensitive, and has an excellent lure weight range of 1/4oz-1 1/4oz.

1/10/16 @ 9:54 AM
User since 2/27/05
I only carry 8 rods in my boat, so I like my set ups to be versatile for different situations. I have three St Croix Mojo Bass spinner bait rods that I use for frogging all the time with no problems. They are a little over $100 now, but definitely worth it in my opinion.

1/3/16 @ 10:42 AM
wi bassman
User since 1/17/15
I do a ton of frogging and for me a 7' rod is perfect. 7'-6" rods are a bit too long if you plan on skipping under stuff at all. For me the biggest thing I look for is a extra fast taper. Heavy action , extra fast works best for me. I love powell rods but they are more than 100 dollars. Check out the bass pro shops carbonlites . They have a 7' heavy extra fast that is perfect. Watch for the spring sales, and you should be able to get one for about 90 bucks

12/31/15 @ 6:10 PM
Ed Franko
User since 5/6/15
Lew's has a great bunch of rods. i don't get to fish frogs but i know they have a real good frog rod..

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(573) 692-6710
12/28/15 @ 9:40 AM
User since 12/22/04
I would not go 7.5 length because that will make it harder to get right action on the frog.

I use a Kistler Mag TS Jig' Toad Special and while that rod is out of budget and not made anymore, you might be able to find one on ebay. I will say that the benefit of a higher end sensitive rod is not always the ability to catch more fish.

Lighter weight rods nicer to fish with because you get less fatigue.

More sensitive rods will be funner to catch fish on because you feel more of the fish.

Sometimes you find another good application for a rod other than what you intended it for that may need sensitivity. There are always new tactics coming out.

I am a big proponent on paying as much as you can in a rod for any application, but if you are going to budget on one application...a frog rod might be top on that list because you are using heavy braid and more than 50% of the time you will be pulling in more weight in slop/weeds than actual fish!

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