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Chatter bait differences

4/3/22 @ 9:49 AM
Old bass guy
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I was looking at chatter baits. I have used a few of the originals. Now they vary from $5 to $20. They look similar. What possibly could cause such a variance in price? Clearly a hook or skirt don’t cost $15. 

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6/4/23 @ 5:25 PM
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I make my own...I had the lead pot and swim jig mold already...ordered a couple different blade sizes and configurations and some silicone skirts and can make a bladed jig for about $1.00 - $1.50 depending on the components used. I have not noticed a difference in catch rates, but when I used to buy Chatterbaits, they were $4-6, but the prices now are getting out of hand. One of the lakes I fish, I can lose 2-3 baits to muskies in one outing...hand tied skirts or not, $15+ is ridiculous, so I make my own. I use all silicone skirts and with a couple drops of super glue, that skirt isn't going anywhere! I also keep spare skirts in my bladed bait box in my boat...if the skirt is shot before I lose the bait, I rip it off and glue on another $0.30 skirt.

Aside from the cost, I like the fact that I can change blade sizes to control where the bait runs in the water column. For example, I can use a 1/4 oz jig head with a larger blade to 'bulge' the bait in shallow water over weeds, or use a 1/2 or 5/8 oz jig with a smaller blade to slow roll deeper weed lines or creek channels. I also picked up some blades that have holes drilled in them, which change the action and depth as well. I like fishing these baits, but will not pay $10-15 for one. I use a 5" Super Fluke or slim profile swimbait as a trailer and prefer this over a spinnerbait, especially early season, as they can be fished slower with tons of vibration.
3/12/23 @ 10:27 PM
User since 11/14/22
I like the Pure Poison but they stopped making them. Picked some up on ebay. Hopefully last the season. 
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