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Making your UTV street legal

3/27/21 @ 1:20 PM
Brent Hess

Curious if anyone has any experience with making your side by side street legal.

I found a website that offers that service Dirt Legal

Where my cabin is located is not legal for UTV travel. Kind of funny, everywhere around me is though... Arbor Vitae, Minocqua, Eagle River etc.  for some reason Sayner does not see value in it.

I figure if I can make my side by side street legal, I can drive the logging roads by our cabin. 

Anyone have any experience with this?

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5/16/21 @ 9:06 AM
Esox JJ

Brent, I don't understand why it isn't legal in Sayner myself. As far as street legal, I've driven my truck down highway G from N to eagle river. It is a designated ATV/UTV route and they must stay on the pavement. This is on a 55 MPH highway. They aren't registered as a car or truck. I see it almost every time I'm up there. I just don't get it.  


5/16/21 @ 2:13 AM
USER SINCE 12/7/05

It has nothing to do with lighting, equipment on board or having a sprayer in the back. It has to do with the definition of the type of vehicle and how it is registered. If it is registered as a UTV, you can spend hundreds of dollars on turn signals and other equipment, but your UTV is registered (or should be) through the DNR and not the DOT...because a UTV does not meet the requirements / definition to be operated on the road unless ATV/UTV ordinances are adopted by the township. Yeah, you could throw a sprayer in the back and carry a shovel or rake, but keep in mind if you are stopped and get caught in that lie, the consequences are going to be pretty stiff...Remember, law enforcement officers in those rural areas are pretty familiar with the local farmers and property owners. They patrol those roads daily, many for years on end...they have more than likely assisted them with rounding up loose livestock, provided light coverage for broken down machinery, dealt with trespassing issues, etc. I'm not going to say you WON'T get away with it, but the deck is not stacked in your me, it isn't worth it just to ride my ATV to the bar or store. 

My township passed ordinances allowing ATVs and UTVs on township roads and there have been multiple serious injury and fatal accidents as a result. They were not meant to be driven at high speeds and were not designed with sufficient lighting to be driven on roadways (heck, my Honda Rancher has a tail light, but not a brake light that gets brighter when you brake!?). They have very soft suspensions, low pressure tires and any evasive maneuvers (swerving to avoid deer or a collision with another vehicle) often lead loss of control and/or rollovers. Then there are the people (like with vehicles and motorcycles) that refuse to wear their seatbelts and don't wear helmets or other safety gear and it is a recipe for disaster. You stand no chance against another vehicle traveling at highway speeds. These are my opinions and experiences, your mileage may vary.

5/15/21 @ 9:55 PM
One shot one kill

I have done that to go about a mile to a cousins place to actually spray . A shovel and rake help seal the deal .

5/15/21 @ 4:13 PM
USER SINCE 6/15/01

It might work to have private ag registration and carry a small sprayer in the back.  If you are ever stopped tell them you have to spot spray some weeds in a field

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