12/10/22 @ 5:18 PM
User since 2/13/14

Does anyone have one and would you recommend?  I have been shopping for ATVs and came across many good reviews on these.

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2/7/23 @ 11:00 PM
User since 1/16/11

I've had a U-Force 800 for 5 years. I live in rural MN and I use it to plow my drive along with a little trail riding in and around Flambeau River State forest. Plus I take it to Nebraska deer hunting every year. The NE ridges are super steep and the unit handles it like a champ. I also welded a little 2" receiver hitch to the top rear of the roll cage where I mounted  little 2000 lb winch. in the hitch - works great for lifting deer up into the tilt box. UTV's are street legal by me so I take into town or just toss in the ice gear and head strait to the river. The U-800 will do over 50 mph.  I'm 70 so as expected I'm not beating the H3ll out of it it. If you want something for aggressive trail riding get a Razor, want the best lay down some serious money and get a CanAm. Last I heard the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were using CF Motos.   Good Luck

2/3/23 @ 2:33 PM
User since 4/29/07

I have a 2022 CFMoto 600 touring that I bought about a year ago. So far no issues, lots of extras for got the price point. Handles and rides great. 

2/1/23 @ 11:00 PM
Bofish 3
User since 3/25/20

I have had one for six years- not a single problem- love it- smooth ride

12/14/22 @ 3:55 PM
User since 4/9/03

I haven't talked to anyone or know anyone that owns one. I do know they are loud, ATV'S and UTV's both. I can tell when one is going by our house vs any other make. Kawasaki is the second loudest but not near as bad as the CFMOTO.   

12/14/22 @ 8:01 AM
PRO MEMBER User since 1/22/21

It’s 100% Chinese product with distribution help from KTM. The engines design is based on a KTM motor, but not KTM. I don’t currently know anyone with a CFMoto and if they’re that bad, why are American dealers carrying them? Good topic.

12/11/22 @ 7:46 PM
Brent Hess
Brent Hess
PRO MEMBER User since 12/18/07

Have a friend that purchased one for his son.

It was a problem child.

This was 5-years ago or so, so new ones may be better. 

12/11/22 @ 2:07 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/16/03

Never heard of them until deer camp 5-6 years ago. Uncle bought one and was totally unhappy with it due to missing parts and cheap material breaking. Was returning it asap. Haven't heard anything since and do not know of anyone else having one. I'm assuming poor assembly done on it.  Price point is why he bought it and was led to believe it was good as the Honda brand. I have 3 Honda ATVs and for me bullet proof so far.

12/11/22 @ 12:52 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/8/06

In years past, the CF Moto didn’t get very high reviews. They were trying to bust into a market that had manufacturers that were well established and building quality machines for a long time. In the last few years they have stepped up their game and now produce a quality machine that is equal to their rivals. The stigma of having a machine built in China has plagued them since they introduced their first machine. For the money, the offer as much as their competitors at a lower price. I also believe they have one of the best warranties in the business from what I’ve read. 

Since they are an off-brand, you have to think of resale value. The major players have been reliable for years and will always bring a higher resale value. That’s something you may want to consider in making your decision.

I’ve been interested in their SxS line and I’ve been researching how good of a product they are. The major players in the business have almost priced themselves out of my desire to own one. 

Edit: I do presently own 2 atv’s. An older Yamaha and a newer Polaris. Both machines have been very reliable for me

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