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Best all around ATV??

3/17/15 @ 7:29 PM
User since 3/20/12
I'm gettin on the market for a used 4#4 atv. Not lookin for anything fancy. Just for some deer huntin and ice fishin. Maybe 400-650. Just lookin for any advice on wat to look for in a used one. Been lookin at Polaris Soortsman. Any thoughts? Thnx in advance

4/25/19 @ 2:57 PM
User since 6/16/03

My neighbor up north has 4 atv's everything but hondas. Every spring at least 2 will not start or run well. Comes over every year wondering what I do to keep my hondas running. Nothing different, except put in seafoam once in a while. Nothing against any other brand, but Honda's are all I have ever owned, with good reason. My machines have never let me down. Most recent one is fuel injected, and absolutely love it as I don't need to hold the choke at all.

4/22/19 @ 7:04 PM
User since 9/22/17

I have an Alterra 500.   Made by Textron.   Around the farm it’s not bad and works for me.

4/22/19 @ 6:40 PM
wicked crappie
User since 7/23/15

No one running an Arctic Cat.

7/22/16 @ 10:56 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

Esox,  it makes you laugh about people owning and getting rid of all these ATV's huh?  Well let me put it to you this way,  if I had a 60 mile rid through the woods and there was nothing around,  i wouldn't trust Polaris.  I've owned em,  they are not reliable.  period.  I'll take my honda and bury it in a creek bottom and I know it will work.  I'm not scared driving a Honda or Yammy.   Keep it local I understand,  but Polaris needs to step it up to get my business.  

I beat on my equipment,  if I can own a Wheeler and it doesn't break down,  you better get what I got cause I ride em,  I don't baby em.  I understand many have machines that they ride out on a lake 5 times a year for the last 10 years...that's not even a challenge for a machine.  Any machine will do that,  but it you want to haul stuff,  pull stuff out,  go through a fresh slashing,  pull hay wagons,  buy something non Polaris or you'll be let down when you need it the most.

7/17/16 @ 10:09 AM
User since 4/23/12

Suzuki owns Kawasaki. merged back in 2001-2003. somewhere in there. 

i own a can-am now. but I've owned grizzlies and loved them besides it a single piston engine. if it was a V-twin i would still own a grizzly.  i do a lot of snow plowing with my quad and felt i needed a twin to take some of the stress off the engine.

5/12/16 @ 7:48 AM
User since 5/12/16

I can't really speak about the other brands, but I had a Yamaha 700 Grizzly and absolutely loved it. Always started, ran fantastic, fast and could pull whatever I threw at it. I have always been a Yammi guy. I have had many Yamaha snowmobiles as well. I only sold the 4 wheeler to move to a side by side.


4/2/16 @ 9:59 PM
User since 2/21/06
I have a 05 Polars sportsmen and love it. I've even rolled twice.still runs. Makes me laugh when I hear people saying they owned all theses wheelers. Makes me wonder why they got rid of them. Polaris is made in the U.S. also. I work in a machine shop and see stuff like this come through. That's why it's important to support these companies.

4/1/16 @ 9:01 PM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02
I have said this before. But one more time. I have had Suzuki, Honda, Polaris, and Can Am. I really liked my 2007 Suzuki 400 Eiger, next my Honda (the only issue was it wasn't fuel injection ), next my current machine, Can Am. Never will buy a Kawasaki, and only if I get a great deal, would I buy a Polaris. Big Mac

4/1/16 @ 9:28 AM
User since 1/5/06
Ive had a bunch, liked the Yamahas, Kawasaki, but went to Suzuki and love it. Not a problem so far. Yes look at a good dealer and it is half the battle.

3/14/16 @ 10:40 AM
User since 1/19/03
Really like my grizzly 700 so far used it all ice season no issues the power steering

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