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ATV switch to an UTV?

8/7/17 @ 5:07 AM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02

I've been thinking about switching from my 2-up ATV, to a UTV (side-by-side) machine. 

Anyone do the switch lately & any regrets?  If so, what are they?


Big Mac 

2/2/20 @ 4:39 PM
User since 6/15/01

I have never owned an ATV.  I bought a new 2006 Mule 610 many years ago and just upgraded to the Mule Pro MX.  They are about the same length but the Pro MX is 8 inches wider, weighs 500 pounds more and the engine is close to 700cc when the 610 had 400cc

The Pro MX plows snow much better and gets around in the woods fairly well but any ATV would be more nimble

1/31/20 @ 5:01 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

Forgot to mention  , where your going makes a big  difference  . High and dry  , soft , or really wet . UTVs  are usually lot heavier and will bury deeper . I can unstick my ATV with a hand come along . A UTV  will probably need a winch .

1/31/20 @ 12:35 PM
User since 12/30/18

Recently switched from 4x4 atv to honda pioneer 500

Have loved the p500. It is perfect size to fit on all atv trails. Same if not more capable then our old atv but much safer and more comffy.Also not even very expensive for new ones a few years old.

4/15/19 @ 4:37 AM
User since 1/17/10

I have both as well. I mostly just use the atv for yard work. My honda pioneer is awesome and I use it for everything. The pioneer is mainly up north for 8 months and used everytime I'm there. It's used as a workhorse when it gets home too. It depends on your wants and needs I guess. I call them tools and not toys.

4/14/19 @ 8:18 PM
Tim Zwieg
User since 1/10/12

I have both.  They each have their place, but I find that I drive my Ranger more than my 4 wheeler.  I did put tracks and a cab and heat in the Ranger works great on the ice.

10/13/18 @ 11:44 PM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02

Howdy SwampHog 

It's Big Mac.

Good to see your still riding  

Big Mac 

10/12/18 @ 6:16 AM
User since 6/15/01

switch last year from my kaw to a CF Moto, got rid of the CF Moto and went to a Ranger 570, feels better for my hips but at times do miss my Kaw, in the long run the UTV  is better for me as we take camping trips with the machines

if you like running off the path mudding , fast running stay with the ATV , but if plan on trips with the machines the utv is best buy as it has more storage area. Both have advantages and disadvantages , it be up to you what you like and want to do.

10/5/18 @ 9:42 AM
User since 2/9/10

This looks better than the Shredder to me because I'm older...

Called a Snowdog

9/24/18 @ 8:50 AM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

I bought one 14 years ago when low on funds . 2 wheel drive , underpowered and the company went out of business  . Still use it for chores , and my daughter likes to drive it , and I'm happy it does have seat belts for her . 

9/22/18 @ 8:36 PM
User since 6/27/09

Switched from two up to utv last year over pleased but can't take some places I hunt just too big.

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