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xbow broadhead question

8/19/14 @ 3:43 PM
User since 7/16/01
I purchased a ten point titan xtreme crossbow and not having a lot of experience with this, not sure if I should use a fixed head broadhead or a mechanical. I have had good luck using my rage 2 blade with 3 deer shot at, 3 deer killed very quickly. However, I have heard some rumblings that using a mechanical broadhead in an xbow can create premature deployment. The recommended weight is 100 grain. I don’t take far shots and will probably limit myself to 40 yards once I feel comfortable with the bow. The guy at Cabelas recommended the 100 grain thunderhead. Shoots about 310 fps. Any other thoughts?

Also, any perspective on Aluminum or carbon? The bow came with 3 AL arrows and seems to shoot fine. Has anyone used a Luminoc or something similar? I am color blind and have an issue seeing blood. So normally I try to find my arrow after a shot, determine the blood and call for assistance then. Seeing where the deer has been hit quickly helps me determine my next steps and helps me find my arrow.

9/15/14 @ 8:03 AM
User since 1/24/06
Shot a nice doe with the Toxic 100 grain last night, very happy with the results. You wind up with basically a quarter sized hole. Practice in the yard showed they flew just like field points. I'm sold. Now headed back to find my bolt and 10 dollar broadhead!

9/5/14 @ 9:42 AM
User since 6/21/01
Just a few tidbits of info. For the broadheads on the shelves that look exactly the same, often the only difference is the diameter of the head. For instance, just bought some Muzzy Trocar and they have a slightly bigger ferrel on the xbow version to account for arrow diameter. Beyond that they are identical.

Another note if guys go fixed sure to practice shoot and tune your gear. Come to find out those Trocar are very nice, but they are designed and tested specifically for a right helical fletching pattern. Put them on an arrow that is, and they are spot on. Put them on some other fletching pattern and they are all over. It's not always the's the whole combination that affects accuracy.

9/1/14 @ 2:42 AM
herbicidal maniac
User since 6/10/09
i can second the rage hypodermics. shot em yesterday same hole as field points out of my tenpoint turbo and with the new shock collars i dont think premature opening will be an issue. is it opening day yet?

8/25/14 @ 7:46 PM
User since 9/25/06
I have been shooting an Excalibur Matrix 380 with the Rage Hypodermic 100 grain. It's crazy accurate.

8/22/14 @ 12:02 PM
User since 6/21/01
I use a Rage "Crossbow" series 100's.. Personally I think their the same as what I use on my bow but it has a little different retaining collar. It's designed specifically for the extra punch the crossbow gives you. Three pack comes with a practice mechanical that actually fly's nicer than my stock practice tips. I don't use the laminated knocks on my bolts but know their available but I do use carbon arrows..

Those that shoot fixed, it's great if you get a flight you like, I could not get a accurate enough flight with fixed out of my Barnett.

8/22/14 @ 8:52 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01
Ok SJB, I have been doing the crossbow thing for 6 years now and here is what I know. I have used the 2 blade Rage ever since I switched with great results. I did some testing with the blades along the way. I shot the heads with one blade jammed open and both deployed. The difference of point of impact was less than 3 inches at 40 yards, so even IF they open up on the way, it is no big deal. I would go with carbon arrows because they are always straight. Ten point makes some arrows called Pro Elite { I think} that are very good. You can now get them with the omni nock in a lighted version. They are very nice. The Rage fly out of my 330 fps bow 1 inch lower than my field points. Hope this helps. Mrt.

PS You will be accurate out to 50 plus yards. That doesn't mean that the deer will be there when your arrow gets there. I am sure you have noticed that your crossbow is not as quiet as your compound. The deer notice that too! At 310 ftps you should probably limit your shots to about 30 yards. Especially if you have to stop the deer by making a sound. If they are wired, all bets are off after 30 yards. Been there an done it.

8/21/14 @ 3:51 PM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
Have not figured which broadhead I'll be using either but I know it won't be Shwacker, it maybe be a fine BH but I didn't get much penetration at all maybe 6" no blood trail and only 2 drops of blood,I did find the deer but was just dumbfounded when gutting the deer how much blood was in the cavity and what little blood trail I did have ?

I leaning towards a fixed blade.

And to the fellow hunter that are color blind, Oh how I feel for ya as so is my Son also, I use to think it was kind of funny but come to realize if he hits 1 I have to help. (but don't mind at all)

And 1 more thing,I bought a Stryker(Bowtech)and have shot 3 diff.carbon arrows and the Red Hot shoot/pattern better out of my set up Wink

8/21/14 @ 10:48 AM
crappies ya
User since 1/15/12
I use thunderhead 100 with carbon arrows on my mission 320 crossbow. Deadly!

8/20/14 @ 5:55 PM
Bite_size_to a_bluegill
Bite_size_to a_bluegill
User since 12/26/04
Grim reaper

8/20/14 @ 3:25 PM
User since 6/12/10
You shouldn't have any problems shooting rage with your crossbow especially at 310 fps. Most newer compound bows shoot at around that speed and I haven't heard of any problems like you're worried about. I'm using Swhackers this year to help with my blood trails. As for lighted nocks working. I myself have a pretty bad case of color vision problems so I can't find blood easily. I have now upgraded to the lighted nocks as well. They can't hurt so I'm using them this season. Not only will they help to find your arrow, but they will help so you can see better where your shot connected.

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