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Two bucks shot

11/12/19 @ 11:01 AM
Western Extreme
User since 12/17/17

Anyone else see this? What happened to knowing your target and what's behind. Maybe I'm missing something in the story. Different state? 

11/12/19 @ 12:48 PM
Western Extreme
User since 12/17/17

I find it troubling that they seem proud of it. 

11/12/19 @ 12:32 PM
User since 7/5/01

She should have been cited, and certainly shouldn't have been given the rack of an overbagged animal.  That's just pathetic.  Hate to say it, but doubt this would have happened with a regular bow vs a crossgun.  Regular bow hunting is typically done from an elevated position at steeper downward angles.  Also, the care needed to harvest with a regular bow required a lot more work to be successful and generally more work leads to more respect for the resource.  I guess if we shouldn't require people to work hard and show dedication, expecting them to suffer the consequences of poor shot selection might be too much to ask for.  Get used to seeing more of this in the future. 

11/12/19 @ 12:29 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Had they tried to cover this up, I would agree with a fine being appropriate. No one actually saw the shot to accurately judge if it was “safe” or not. To me, it’s sounds like an anomaly that they were upfront in reporting. I know the DNR often gets put on the same moral platform as Hitler and Mussolini, but in my experience, if you have nothing to hide and are a decent human being, they will reciprocate in the same manner.

In my humble opinion, the situation was handled well. 

11/12/19 @ 12:09 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

I agree, she should get a fine for over bagging and face all consequences for her actions. Know your target and beyond!!

I was once fined by a Warden for over bagging Geese when I fired one shot and two came down. He watched it happen from his truck after seeing my decoys out in the field. He heard me shoot only once and acknowledged that telling me I had to be more selective with my shots when the limit is one per day.

Punched my tag as I should, packed up the decoys and made my way back to the road where he met me to issue the ticket. Went and retrieved the other bird that had glided down on an adjacent property I couldn't even access and took both birds as evidence.

When I went to court the judge asked me point blank...... did two birds fall when you fired your shot. I said yes, one fell immediate and one glided to an adjacent area. He said "Then you harvested one more then your daily limit" and found me guilty.

11/12/19 @ 12:06 PM
User since 1/18/10

The old man couldn't tag the deer anyway.. no party hunting with archery.  Should be punished imo.  But im not a teenage girl so I MUST follow the rules

11/12/19 @ 11:23 AM
User since 4/6/09

The article I read on FB stated that they think her shot exited the 8 pt buck, skipping off a rib and slicing the throat of the small buck.  They contacted the DNR right away after realizing there were 2 blood trails. She was allowed to keep her 8 pt buck and the DNR opted to give her the small rack to keep, not the entire 2nd deer.  I agree, it shouldn't be celebrated. Wait for a safe shot on one animal.

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