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Two bucks shot

11/12/19 @ 11:01 AM
Western Extreme
User since 12/17/17

Anyone else see this? What happened to knowing your target and what's behind. Maybe I'm missing something in the story. Different state? 

11/12/19 @ 6:49 PM
User since 11/29/01

I agree with lovestofishnhunt. It was likely a simple accident and they reported the accident. They should not have paraded it on the news however and should have  declined interview . It was likely a mistake. Now, for all the negative commenters here. Have you EVER shot anything past or before dark? I did one time, I think, but not sure. I scout miles and miles every year. I see "hunters putting up fricken ribbons all over cause they can't find their deer stand 100 yds off a trail. Empty shells all over the place, Poached deer, gut piles on the road and in parking lots, shots being fired way past closing, illegal ATV's , on State land, illegal stands, baiting, , ,, , oh, and lets not forget beer and soda cans , water bottles, chairs, old climbers sunk 2" into the tree, ladders, and even some porn once. ( No i didn't look at it) . Of course none of the posters complaining here ever did anything illegal. I'm sure some have, including me , although it was not litter.  I shot a pheasant 3 days before season once. I was with a kid who shot a deer illegal once. I am not perfect but the few violations have been at least 25 yrs ago and refuse to violate in any way , not even one minute after closing. 

11/12/19 @ 5:47 PM
dc cady
User since 3/10/07

I called the TV station that praised this feat and told them as a hunter safety instructor this feature on their news made me cringe. I mentioned the hunter safety rules TABK.

I said it would have been wise just to not run a piece like this cuz I’d rather not humiliate the girl but teach her and her mentor the right time to shoot.

They seemed irritated with my comment.

11/12/19 @ 5:40 PM
User since 9/17/16

Since it was self reported by the hunter and father it seems to me like it probably was used as a teaching moment otherwise it would have been hid and not reported.  It was a good use of discretion by the warden to not ticket and reinforced honesty being the best policy.  I have no problem with giving her the second antlers assuming the story made sense to the warden (which it obviously did).

11/12/19 @ 5:37 PM
Brother of the brush
User since 1/22/12

The girl shouldn't get a fine but the mentor sure should.

11/12/19 @ 5:23 PM
User since 5/7/06

Good for the young lady that she is out hunting with her Dad and was lucky enough to harvest a nice buck. They were honest and reported the second buck so I think it is perfectly fine that there was no citation. Another good example of how crossbows are allowing young hunters a better chance to harvest a deer.

11/12/19 @ 5:13 PM
User since 6/13/06

I find it incredibly ironic that a young girl gets chastised by a bunch of hunters that she didn't follow hunter ethics/rules yet nobody ever seems to post about the hunter slobs that leave their shells all over the place during dove season, hunters that clean their game in the parking lot and leave the guts all over even though it says not to, hunters that shoot up the dnr signs on public land, litter all over the parking lot, dump their carp in public waste bins...I could go on and on.  What if the shot was an anomaly?  What if the story did actually happen as explained?  The deer didn't suffer, they aren't walking around with arrows sticking out of them, and nobody got hurt.  

11/12/19 @ 3:12 PM
User since 10/10/17

Tuffy... that is like saying "there were trees between that hunter and the deer" if something would go wrong with a gun shot.. I respectfully disagree with that logic. The #1 rule of firearm/ hunter safety should hold true here and i feel as though they misconstrued that by publishing this in a celebratory light through articles and news outlets. If this would fall under the rug, then I would have no problem with her not getting a citation - an honest mistake, she did the right thing after the shot, but a learning curve kept out of the public spot light would have been the better route here I think. 

11/12/19 @ 2:35 PM
MEMBER since 7/7/04

If this was a normal bow and not a gun/bow, she would not have had the strength to shoot a arrow fast enough to penetrate two animals.

11/12/19 @ 1:57 PM
User since 1/7/02

Having seen on the news and read the articles in a few local papers it seems the arrow deflected off of a bone in the first deer and then struck the second buck. It was stated that the second deer wasn’t near the first deer and the deflection caused the arrow to travel in an unplanned direction. I guess once it was promptly reported to the DNR the warden used discretion in not issuing a citation. Wether that is right or wrong is another discussion. I mentored for several years in the DNR’s Learn to Hunt Turkey program during which I remember two cases where there was “collateral damage “ in a bird shot that wasn’t the intended target. One was a second bird behind the targeted bird where both were hit. The other was a hen behind the intended target. The intended target was missed and the hen was hit. Wardens that helped run the program used both as teaching tools, issued no citations, confiscated the birds and donated them to a food pantry. Neither was done by my hunter that I mentored. 

11/12/19 @ 12:53 PM
User since 2/6/06

Doubt a hairy smelly middle aged hunter would get this same treatment.  I also agree it's nothing to celebrate.  

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