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Two bucks shot

11/12/19 @ 11:01 AM
Western Extreme
User since 12/17/17

Anyone else see this? What happened to knowing your target and what's behind. Maybe I'm missing something in the story. Different state? 

11/14/19 @ 9:52 AM
User since 12/25/02

So what you are saying is if that 8pointer walked in front of you you would have let it walk. If it is i have a bridge for sale. 

11/14/19 @ 9:22 AM
User since 12/25/02

Safe hunt i agree 100% but you know this is LL and there are a bunch of whiners.


11/14/19 @ 9:10 AM
Safe Hunt
User since 11/2/12

Simply amazing the world we live in today. 

One, we have a young lady and her father spending time together +.

Two, daughter hunting with her dad +.

Three, Young person joining the declining sport of hunting+.

Four, passed on three pointer +.

Five, group of deer return with 8, 3 and does.=

Six, Made killing shot om 8 pointer +.

What we don't know...

* elevated stand wound have ground as backdrop, depending on distance

* where was 3 point relative to others and 8 point target

*She is using a crossbow (maybe Raven, see pic w mechanical broadhead, once deployed if pass thru, fairly useless and flies

Seven, they find second blood trail and recover three point +

Eight, They contact game warden to report incident +

That's it folks... All of these positives

And every one of you mightier than though want her fined, prosecuted etc

What is wrong with each of you

Next, why not crucify the warden, who let her go?

Why not? Because his job is to work with the regulations and laws in his jurisdication.

Perhaps, he looked at the 8 huge +s from above.

No one can say for certain what happened!

Matiah should be congratulated on her great buck.  She should be reminded that law enforcement is your friend and if you do the right thing, all the time, even when the wrong thing is ok, you are ethical and of high character.

Next, the warden should be thanked as this is how I hope any experiences my kids or kids kids have will be handled.  A  robot can issue citations based on the letter of the law.  A good servant of the state, can and does use judgment and in this case excellent judgment.

Congrats Matiah.  Thank you warden.

Shame on you folks who designate yourself better, smarter and more ethical than these folks.

11/14/19 @ 9:09 AM
User since 12/21/04

I really don't have time for this, but here goes.. Let's walk through 2 scenarios slowly and if you still don't get it I give up. 

Sue and her father see a nice 8ptr and dad gives the ok to shoot. Now she has to remember what she learned in hunter, or archery safety.  First she takes the safety off. Now she can put her finger inside the trigger guard. And take a deep breath and slooowlyy squeeze the trigger. Couple seconds past. Dad seen another deer sneak in close but not in time to stop the shot. It wasn't close enough to get hit, and both deer go running off. Sue and her father watch the 8 run off and hear it crash. They get down and go to were they last seen the deer and begin to trail the blood. They find the deer and are happy as can be.. Time to go retrieve the arrow.  Oh crap blood going different direction, not my problem we got are deer. No let's do the right thing and follow this a little. Little ways later there lies another deer. Quick get the phone out and buy a archery tag for dad and we are good to go, or call uncle Joe, hes got a tag. No let's AGAIN do the right thing and call the warden and let him make the call. Knowing they could lose both deer and risk a hefty fine.

Scene 2.  Sue dont shoot that 8ptr till that MONSTER 3pt is right behind him. This is what we always dreamed about. Stay on 8pts heart, dont screw this up... NOW!...YESSS! You hit the 8 and that huge 3pt I'm so proud. Let's get down and make sure you made two great hits before I call the warden and tell him to come on over. Great job.. 

Come on guys,  get your heads out of your rear and think. This is what the warden has to do when he investigates. Think of what scenario is more likely. Sad part is most of you probably think scene 2..  

Good luck hunting guys. And if you make a bad shot or poor decision make sure to post it here. Us SPORTSMEN will tell you how and what you did wrong. JUDGING and ridiculing each other is what we do best.. 

11/13/19 @ 8:50 PM
Tr carper
Tr carper
User since 6/15/15

Why is this still being talked about a violation is a violation end of story. Some times tough love is the best teaching method. When I was 19 I got a ticket for a goose that wasn't tagged. I killed the goose in the last 10 minutes of hunting hours. Went to get and ducks where coming so I just grabbed it ran back to the blind. It would have been tagged before I left for home but the warden watched everything. I didn't try to hide it he checked over everything all my goose punches checked out everything else was good. Never been in trouble with the wardens before didn't matter ticketed. One thing he told me and I will never forget it is the every hunter breaks the law everytime they go out himself included. I agree with him 100%. Not trying to bash her father, her, or the warden laws are laws. I think it's great that she is out there with her father hunting not sitting in the house. My kids are are 4 and 5 and love going with me scouting birds and rabbit hunting.

11/13/19 @ 8:37 PM
User since 2/28/13

Some on here are forgetting or over looking the fact that this was a accidental shot, Not Intentional.  I will repeat from my previous post, without all of the facts known, Don't make any judgments. Apparently the warden knew enough facts to make his decision the way he did. 

11/13/19 @ 5:56 PM
User since 6/13/06

I agree with Mudbucket 110%.  I also don't see where there is glamorizing or celebrating involved.  It's just a story.

My uncle was out in Wyoming in the late 80's and killed 2 mule deer with one shot.  According to my uncle and my dad, the two deer were literally standing next to each other side by side when my uncle took the shot.  He never knew there was another one standing directly behind it.  It was a broadside shot, went through one and then the other.  Was never meant to happen that way but it did.  

If you guys want to talk about ethics, what about the long range hunting craze.  Every major gun maker has a chassis built rifle for long range hunting.  At distances of 750 plus yards, is it truly possible to know if your shot is ethical or not?  A lot can happen at that distance before impact.  My longest shot on an animal is 243 yards and that was off a rest.  If you are going to advocate for something, IMO, make it worthwhile.  Bring attention to an issue that helps hunters, animals, or both.  This situation is a once in a lifetime moment.  Wrap yourself up in something that will actually make a difference.  I ask, what is the intention of bringing this up on a forum in the first place?  Is it to just spread gossip?  Make the girl feel bad?  Complain that a warden found you guilty of something and not someone else?  If there is no good intention in this, then why bother?

11/13/19 @ 5:48 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

I really have yet to read anybody "bashing" the young girl, am I missing that part?

She violated (killing more than your allowed limit of deer is a violation) and the DNR chose not to issue a citation is what this really comes down to. The way the family and media handled it is disgusting. Rather than using it as a learning opportunity for the young girl they have praised her and showed photos of both deer stacked up like her trophies, that's wrong.

11/13/19 @ 4:42 PM
User since 12/21/04

Listen I'm not going to get into a internet peeing match. A warden came investigated and found NO VIOLATIONS, and now were going to question how it was handled. We don't have all the facts. I'm sure you guys have found every bullet or arrow you have ever fired to make sure it safely hit the intended target only, correct? No little critters sneaking by! 

If this is an adult and calls himself in, I believe the same result. It would have been easy to just ignore the second blood trail or do a phone a friend with a tag. The father called a warden an let him make the call... EXACTLY what we teach new hunters and or mentors to do. NOT THE EASY thing to do. 

I've mentored lots of kids hunting and help  teach around 300+ in a shooting sports program. Yes we make mistakes and so do the youth. It's the lessons learned that makes it worth VOLUNTEERING my time. Lots of it and I enjoy it. 

Why we have to jump on the internet and bash another sportsman is beyond me.  Then let's ask are self why we have trouble with keeping new hunters.. Lol..

11/13/19 @ 3:48 PM
User since 2/6/06

Exactly.  At least the girl should not be ridiculed.  She has no clue it was not a good thing.  However, the mentor, the news source, and who pitched this to the news should.  This sets a terrible example.  I get how it looks cool to kill two bucks with one shot, but it's wrong and dangerous.  Also, the wound factor is a lot greater on an large animal like a deer, especially with a bow.  I have multiple doe tags and would never try to line up two does for a double as cool as it sounds.  too much room for error.  I have shot two ducks and two squirrels with one shot but that was within my limit and small game with a shotgun which is a different scenario.  I just don't like how this is being glamorized.  And anyone but a young kid would not get the same treatment from the media and dnr.  

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