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Two bucks shot

11/12/19 @ 11:01 AM
Western Extreme
User since 12/17/17

Anyone else see this? What happened to knowing your target and what's behind. Maybe I'm missing something in the story. Different state? 

11/14/19 @ 4:22 PM
User since 1/9/08

Sometimes its ok to disagree and move on. This is probably one of those times!

In recognition of mudbucket,


11/14/19 @ 4:03 PM
User since 12/21/04

lol.. yeah rarely ever yell...  but it's so easy to do with the cap button.. I just don't see the benefit of questioning a warden's decision about another sportsman. It baffles me why we have to judge each other constantly. Just my opinion I guess. Best of luck to you guy also this year..

11/14/19 @ 3:59 PM
User since 10/10/17

alright, Mud... aside from missing the point for, say the, 8th or 9th time, that we are not ridiculing the child one bit ------- just upset at the fact it's been glorified as a positive by the news light... but now it's just become comical that you continue to preach to us peasants that you don't have time to answer our foolish replies when yet, here we are.. that's enough on this subject for me. Best of luck in gun season, all!

11/14/19 @ 3:44 PM
Fish Hound
User since 1/29/02

Where's the "pat on the back" emoji?

Honestly though, I appreciate everything you do with youth but it gives you no more right to have an opinion then anybody else here and certain doesn't mean you should USE ALL CAPS yelling at everybody. LOL

Oh, and again, most here are just commenting on how it was mishandled by the adults, not by the little girl. If the warden chose not to issue a citation, take a deep breath and give a sigh of relief, then discuss with your daughter and move on. Don't stack them up like trophies and pose holding a single arrow sending it to the media like is a great accomplishment. It shouldn't be glamorized or celebrated because it shouldn't have happened. If it's an accident like everybody here seems to agree, you certainly don't get a trophy and/or recognition because you just had a big accident.

Accidents are usually always followed up by paper because they are caused by a lack of judgement or inattentiveness.

11/14/19 @ 3:04 PM
User since 12/21/04

Where is the beating the dead horse emoji. 

Flying accusations, that would be YOU! " not a good message". "Anyway you look at it the warden made an exception for a kid". So now you know how this warden has ruled his whole career. I can almost GUARANTEE he has made calls like this before..

Listen I understand your whole ITS A VIOLATION,  IT A VIOLATION, attitude. I will talk with the local warden that VOLUNTEERS with us and maybe he will agree to sit down and explain Slooowly all the facts that he is  aware of to you and anyone else interested. It would probably be after rife season and in Washington county if hes available. Until then you can prepare a,  THERE MUST BE A CITATION WRITTEN,  petition on behalf of the due everything by the book Lake-linkers.

With that lack of empathy and attitude I would recommend not mentoring or teaching youth.. They can be challenging. And they do make MISTAKES. 

We will continue volunteering and promoting shooting sports and hunting for our youth. And the wardens are a huge part of that process. I'm sure they make mistakes too, but I know they do their job the best they can.

 Once we lose a youth hunter we don't usually get them back. But that's not your problem, more deer for you correct....

11/14/19 @ 11:49 AM
User since 1/9/08

Wow, the accusations are a flyin..

 Yes i personally would pass up a unsafe or potentially unethical shot. Have done it more than a few times and will do it again. if you wouldnt i would ask you, please put your weapons down and go back to the couch where you belong. 

As far as saying things to her and her dads face? Why not? They made a bad shot, in hindsight, but still a bad choice of shot.  

 Again the problem isnt with them, they made a mistake. Problem is that no one lwarned anything from this except for ,if I'm a kid, or a girl i can get away with over bagging, as long as i call it in" 

 Not a good message.

 Anyway you look at it the warden did make an exception for a kid . 

11/14/19 @ 10:58 AM
User since 2/6/06

I wouldn't say anything to her or to her face.  The issue is them glamorizing it in the paper.  Yes this article is glamorizing it.  If it was my daughter I would have done the same thing as them and report it.  That is the right thing to do. But no way would we pose for pictures and submit the story to the newspaper.  

11/14/19 @ 10:50 AM
Swamp buck
User since 1/23/09

If you hit and kill a deer with your car and you don't have a tag is it poaching? No its an accident -same as this case

11/14/19 @ 10:37 AM
User since 3/15/08

Lets say you ran into this girl and her father at the gas station with these 2 bucks loaded on the truck and she told you she got them both with 1 shot.  Would you say to her and her father's face what you wrote below?   I know if it was me and my daughter in this situation and people said these comments to her I would let them have it.    It is an anomaly and an odd story, don’t look into it so deep.

11/14/19 @ 10:35 AM
User since 2/6/06

Replace that teen girl with a 50 year old bearded man and is it in the paper and does the citation get waived?  That is the issue.  It was a mistake and not intentional but putting it in the paper this way IS glamorizing it.  I'm fine not giving a citation but it should not have been advertised in the media this way.  The same story with a 50 year old bearded man would have been in the law enforcement section of the paper.  

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