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9/27/13 @ 1:35 PM
User since 7/2/09
I know there's lots of threads on here for cameras but I want to make this short and sweet. $ is tight what is the best bang for the buck guys. I just want to be able to see the deer. I don't need to print pics or anything. I want to place the camera leave it come back and check the pics and that's it. I don't want to have to take a card and go put in a computer or anything. Thanks!

9/26/20 @ 4:38 PM
User since 1/18/16

I have had the 8 megapixel Tasco from Wal Mart and it takes great pics and has a good trigger speed and the best part its $28.99 and is much better than my moultrie

9/26/20 @ 3:26 PM
User since 10/8/01

Hey WelderGuy, I'm using a Cuddeback cellular cam and love it!  You're right, so nice getting pictures emailed to you.  The battery life on this thing is amazing too.  Very impressed.  Enjoy your Moultrie.

9/25/20 @ 5:51 PM
User since 12/19/10

Anyone using a cellular trail camera? How do you like them? I just bought a Moultrie XA-6000 on eBay for $100. Thought it would be cool to get pictures without having to wait til I go up north to check cameras. 

11/2/19 @ 4:27 PM
User since 8/8/11

Looking to buy a new camera.

Any favorites or ones to stay away from?

8/29/14 @ 3:17 PM
User since 4/7/10
Update on my problematic Primos Truthcam 46 ultra, I tried new batteries and a new SD card, and it still isn't being tripped. I reformatted an SD card but still not working. I don't want to throw it away since it's only 2 years old, but it is worthless if it's not working.

8/21/14 @ 9:44 AM
Bite_size_to a_bluegill
Bite_size_to a_bluegill
User since 12/26/04
Purchased my first 2 trail cams this year and im wanting to know how to get the best results for night pics. One is a 7mp and the other is a 10mp (browning cams). Ive been playing the past few days but im eager to get them in the woods. Is it best to run each cam at max megapixel? They both are currently set at 4mp. Im only planning on leaving them out a week or two at a time throughout the season. Hope my questions makes sense. Thx for your thoughts.

8/19/14 @ 9:59 PM
User since 4/7/10
Well I just reformatted the SD card that was in there and the cam is still not working properly. It's not being tripped to take pics. It appears that it just shuts off after the countdown. I will be buying a new SD card and try to see if that works, if not I'll try new batteries, if not that, then IDK what imma do. I appreciate all the feedback!!

8/18/14 @ 8:38 PM
tail chasin
User since 7/4/10
Hey ole 870, glad to hear you got rid of your flip phone finally! I just take my picture camera with me when i hunt to check the cards and if i need a closer look at a pic i bring the card home to check on the computer.

8/18/14 @ 12:42 PM
ole 870
User since 6/27/01
Do any of you guys view your sd cards using a reader for your Iphone? I see card readers out on the internet, but most all have negative reviews that hey don't work or not supported by Apple. I have an Iphone4 and was hoping I could just review my cards on my phone instead of having to use the computer.

8/18/14 @ 9:50 AM
User since 4/2/10
I have 4 camera's. Oldest is stealth cam that don't even take an SD card. It has the old flash also, but doesn't go through batteries any faster than new ones. I is probably 8 years old this year. Still takes the best night pics. Next one I got was Wildgame innovations 8 MP with video. I always use video mode and batteries last about 2 months getting about 5-10 videos a day. My favorite cam by far. I use a 8 GB card in it. It is 5 years old this year. Bought another 4MP Wildgame innovations 3 years ago and use 2GB card in it. 2 years ago I bought a 2 MP wildgame innovation for $40 at menards and it uses a 2 GB card also. Great day pic for the price. Wish I would have bought more of them.

To download the pics I take my laptop into the woods, put card in computer, and put card back in camera, no chance of mixing up cards which I believe casuses some cameras not to work properly.

The main thing I do is my cameras come home during rifle season and I don't put them back out until July when I put the food plots in. I will not leave them out during winter, I think it is just way too hard on delicate electronics. And only having them out for 4 months hopefully gives me many more years of use than leaving them out all year long. I don't really care what the deer are doing in Feb anyway.

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