Trail Cameras to be Banned on Public Land

12/10/23 @ 9:20 AM
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There has been some recent discussion to follow Kansas and Arizona on banning trail cameras on Public Land. Is it going to happen soon?

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12/19/23 @ 4:10 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/30/01
 Brews then they should also get rid of OX hunt, drones for scouting, cellp
Hones to talk to your hunting group, food plots, atv's, etc. Crossbows, compounds.
12/19/23 @ 12:51 PM
User since 4/2/10
Ban them everywhere as far as I'm concerned. Hunting was much simpler before all the camera technology we have now. People got along because everyone didn't claim "their deer." Let's get back to actual woodsmanship and real scouting, not just watching text messages. 
12/18/23 @ 5:22 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 6/13/06
I'm curious...does anyone know if the Wisconsin DNR is considering this?
12/16/23 @ 6:48 AM
User since 1/18/07
Came across this on public early this fall. Could tell it was there all year. Didn't really bother me but you could tell it was over an illegal bait last year. 🤮
Trail Cameras to be Banned on Public Land photo by setterjack
12/16/23 @ 6:20 AM
Kayaker 8
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Actually if you put a trail cam on public land you must have your name or WI DNR ID number etched on it already. No permit required  yet 
12/15/23 @ 10:09 PM
User since 6/1/14
Knowing our DNR they’ll start making people buy a trail cam permit for each unit and make you put a name tag on it like permanent ice shanties. 
12/14/23 @ 5:04 PM
Cat Man J.J.
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I hunt S.E. public and haven't seen too many but I don't look for them and don't walk around much.
Had a guy last year put up a ladder stand and a trail camera next to the main walking trail.
Another hunter complained to me about it and I told him if the guy wants to leave $500 worth of hunting equipment out in the public woods that's his problem and i don't care because he's not shooting a deer in that spot.
Bill Winke tells me to dream big and I can't do that if I have 24 hour video surveillance in my hunting spot.
12/14/23 @ 6:03 AM
User since 9/17/16
There is no legal expectation of privacy in public.  Anyone can take pictures of you in public without your consent.  What is viewable in public is not private.  Therefore privacy does not apply to trail cams.  

I don’t hunt public, so it’s not really for me to say, but it does sound like it is becoming a problem in many many places.
12/13/23 @ 9:18 PM
User since 3/17/09
IFB,  There is a Facebook group in Wisconsin called Wisconsin citizen wolf counts they catalog wolf photos by county and township,date and time, they use that data to dispute the wolf numbers 
12/13/23 @ 5:41 PM
PRO MEMBER User since 2/21/20
I actually use them in areas to see if other people are in there much, I can see and read deer sign to know if deer are there without cameras 
12/13/23 @ 4:41 PM
Kayaker 8
User since 8/28/20
Its fun to find trail cams in the woods.  Can't help but pose for a glamor photo or two! 
12/13/23 @ 3:01 PM
User since 11/26/01
In MN, can't use trail cams on public land to my knowledge, but for bear, you are allowed 3 bait stations and can put a cam at each.  Seems fair.  Not sure why the average person needs to do anything with wolf numbers.

I feel cams are like stands, should not be left in the woods on public land.  Private-have at it.

My mixed results with cams have taught me use them as a tool, not as the word.  
12/13/23 @ 2:48 PM
User since 4/2/10
Not sure how the law is worded, but I thought you have no guarantee of privacy while in public, therefore security cameras are legal, just as being captured on a trail camera in a public woods. Even accidentally being photographed in public isn't a crime. You may not like it but you are in public. Plenty of you tube videos of these examples. 
12/13/23 @ 12:13 PM
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Honestly, I would love to see a camera ban on public land in Wisconsin.  I think it would reduce the "this is my spot mentality" that is common with public land hunting.  
12/13/23 @ 10:34 AM
User since 2/17/09
RE: "security cameras should be outlawed then too" . . . , But where and when?  
Joe property owner should have the right to install cameras for protection.  It's 'common knowledge' that stores have security cameras to prevent loss so that should never be an issue. Cameras installed at parking lots for public safety should be OK.  Dash cams used for insurance reasons?
I would presume you're talking about traffic cameras located on public streets - those SHOULD have warnings like in other countries where they are considered entrapment if used for enforcement. (Revenue Collection?)
Business-owned or private security cameras aimed specifically at public sidewalks, etc., where your identity could be revealed, are definitely an intrusion on your right to privacy. (The same goes for photographing a person without their consent, whether they are your main subject or in the background – illegal in some countries.)  Drones with cameras are fair game over my property!!
The use of "game cameras" on PUBLIC lands, unless warnings are posted, could possibly be considered an intrusion on one's right to privacy.  (Any legal opinions?).  
Regarding THEFT:  I personally wouldn't put hundreds of dollars worth of cameras out on public property. The cameras are placed at one's own risk.  We trust that honest people would not remove them, but, let's face it, NOT EVERYONE IS HONEST!  And, I could see if someone had scouted an area with intention to hunt it, resentment might cause them to pull a memory card.
Any other thoughts?

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