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The great bow /crossbow debate

10/31/18 @ 1:32 PM
User since 11/19/10

Since I have about 2 months to burn being laid up and haven't been on in a while, I figured I would see how some fellow lake linkers feel on the topic of crossbows now that they have been legal in the archery season for a few years. 

I'm interested in knowing WHY (big emphasis on the "WHY")….you either do or don't support having them being a part of the archery season. 

As the thread progresses I figure I'll have chances to support my own thoughts on the topic.


2/4/19 @ 6:32 PM
User since 7/9/12

You may respect the animal, but once you say you love it, you’ll have to throw away the bows and guns! 

2/4/19 @ 11:29 AM
User since 8/31/11

I see deer in a panic mode and even though I am a hunter I respect the animal to the highest degree and do not care to see any animal with the fear in its eyes like I do during gun season. 

2/4/19 @ 11:18 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

Nicely said Red Eagle.  Gun season isn't even organized Chaos,  I think you are giving it too much credit.  Deer drives and shooting at's horrible and i feel bad for the deer.  Guys at work were bragging about shooting off a deer's leg.  Just sick.

2/4/19 @ 11:05 AM
Red Eagle
User since 12/17/16

Deer hunting is changing. It always has been and always will. My grandfathers hunting heydays were between the 40's and the 80's. Deer hunting was gun hunting and that was it. Look at old magazine covers. You saw a lot of them had squirrel, rabbit, waterfowl, and upland bird hunters on the fall editions. Why? Because of very few bowhunters and the idea was that deer hunting was gun hunting.

Then the compound comes along and changes that ideology. Thru the 80's and 90's more people dropped the idea of small game hunting and did more bow hunting. As funny as it may sound there were guys who were excellent small game hunters and the tactics they used have been lost for the most part compared to what I have see from the average Joe that wants to go out and shoot a few squirrels. And most hunters during this time period started focusing their time and resources over to whitetails. 

In the last 20 years I would say technology has really changed the game of deer hunting and I am seeing a lost art in regards to woodsmanship and the ability to figure out and harvest a whitetail. And from what I said earlier its reminiscent of the individuals who lost the art of being able to hunt small game efficiently. 

This technology jump in the outdoor industry has caused the want for "efficiency". Meaning I want the best to help me do the least. Some say that is efficiency of time and resources and others will say thats because you are lazy. Arguments can and will be made from both sides and no need to waste time over that.

I have never observed a sport whether it be of woods, field or water or diamond, court or gridiron that reverses there actions to return to their roots or the old ways of doing things. One could say baseball has tried but even that game has instant replay, radar guns, metallic batting helmets and now Wrigley has lights. Everything moves forward...... whether it be for the better can be debated but where do you draw the line??? Even a recurve is considered a technological advancement over the longbow. Should we argue over that? And here's something to think about. Why don't we argue over that?

From a personal side I have never considered myself a gun hunter or bow hunter. Just a deer hunter. I grew up with no family that owned any land to hunt. I had to cut my teeth on public and knock on doors. Last year was the first year in 31 years of hunting that I was able to gun hunt private land for the first time over public. 90 percent of my deer hunting is on public land.

Moving forward I think you're going to see gun hunting dissapate more than archery. Personally gun hunting leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It's organized chaos. I see the worst of characters come out at this time due to a myriad of reasons I won't list but sure most of you can guess. I see deer in a panic mode and even though I am a hunter I respect the animal to the highest degree and do not care to see any animal with the fear in its eyes like I do during gun season. 

Long story short, for me deer hunting is during the archery season and I think the numbers are showing that for most people out there. The crossbow allows me and Im sure others out there to level the playing field a bit amongst those who can afford to own or lease land. 

2/4/19 @ 10:05 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14


With what i've found,  only few people can handle not bragging or showing off their buck.  Loose lips sink ships...and that is what would happen if there was no group bagging. people would talk and the DNR would show up one day at their house.

2/4/19 @ 9:50 AM
User since 7/20/09

The difference I think is seen in archery. If you were to violate and shoot 2 bucks by having someone tag the first one, you can't speak of it. If you do you could get caught. You might shoot a huge buck but can't even tell people.  Not saying it doesn't happen, but it reduces the number that do it I'm willing to bet.

"Look at this big 10 I shot..."

"Didn't you shoot an 8 earlier this season?"

" that was someone else."

If its done during gun season as it stands now, you can talk all you want because its legal....even if you didn't follow it to the tee.  Harder to prove any wrong doing.

2/4/19 @ 8:37 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

yeah but then there is doubt.  You can't get a fine for someone else tagging your deer with a gun....unless someone watched the whole thing go down.  If there is no group bagging,  having someone else come in knowing it's illegal and others could be watching is a bit different.  Why someone does this stuff or want to shoot multiple bucks is beyond me.  

My train of thought is,  when you shoot one,  be happy with it.  If you were willing to take a life,  you better be happy and you shouldn't need multiple. Killing just to kill is wrong.  When one makes the decision to take a buck,  you picked it,  you pulled the trigger or released the arrow,  that's on happy and content.

Ere....I do know what you're saying.  I just wish the world wasn't like that.

2/4/19 @ 8:13 AM
User since 2/22/07

LB I agree with you but,,, If the guy shoots the buck and calls his buddy to tag it, what will eliminating group bagging accomplish. The 'guy' makes the same call if its banned. Back before group bagging was legalized, it was happening anyway.

2/4/19 @ 7:51 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

Fish,  I agree with this.

I’d be on board with ending group hunting, even just for public land tags so the amatuer deer managers can manage their properties as they see fit. I’d also suggest make the buck tag public/private like the antlerless tags and even make it such that if a hunter chooses a private buck tag, they can’t buy a public antlerless tag until the leftover sale. I’m sure some hunters would be negatively affected but that right there would remove a lot of pressure on public lands and increase hunter satisfaction significantly. 

Private land group hunting is lame too.  If you can't shoot your own deer,  you haven't put in enough time.  Group hunting is just a dumb principal all around.  It just gives people the opportunity to break the law as well.  You KNOW there are plenty folks out there and down a buck then call a buddy.  Not fair,  not legal and not necessary. 

2/1/19 @ 11:35 PM
User since 3/15/08

If I was sitting on public land and a group came and drove it out around me I would give them a case of beer and tell them thanks. They just saved me from sitting there watching the trees grow for the rest of the day.  And if I felt like sitting longer I would move where others are not. 

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