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Tell tale signs of a fatal double lung hit. Wag of the tail.

11/17/15 @ 8:45 AM
snipe n
User since 9/10/07
I have noticed that when I have fatally shot a deer and not broke any bones but maybe a rib. That the deer often stops in 50 yards or less WAGS it tail a couple times and then walks away. Not far, the three different deer have been double lung shot and have not went another 50 yards. All three have bucked their legs out. Has anyone else seen a recurring sign that might indicate a fatal hit? Just curious.

11/20/15 @ 7:54 AM
User since 7/19/09
This year shot one at 17/20yards 12foot off the ground double lung the Hart came in grunting mule kicked jumped may 8ft stood wagging his tail stumbled an fell 20yard recovery best so fare but same shot both lung an even more Hart that one made it 100/150yards crow flys an fell I think depends on how they come in even shot one Hart shot following 3doe he didn't miss a beat just kept following them took it like a champ made me thing my shot was messed up.I'd like to see a tracking site on here.tracking can get even the best of hunters

11/19/15 @ 12:00 PM
User since 5/23/02
Wagging of the tail means the deer is in pain. This happens a lot with liver hits. Liver hits are far more painful than lungs or heart shots. With double lung and heart hits the average time to expire is 15 seconds. So if the deer runs after the shot like a bat out of he!! he can make it pretty far in 15seconds.

11/18/15 @ 9:24 AM
User since 4/25/14
When I shot the grim reaper heads the deer should usually run 40 to 60 yds stop maybe take a few steps and it would go down. Since I switched to the Wac em 4 blade 3 of the 4 deer I shot with them take 3 or 4 good bounds stop wag their tails and go down.

11/18/15 @ 9:20 AM
User since 7/20/09
The master-baiter89 - I don't think I got heart, it was a mid-height hit. Although I did have a Rage at that time so I probably had a pretty wide cut. Maybe I knicked more than I thought. It was very convenient though.

11/17/15 @ 7:51 PM
User since 1/29/15
LB said everything you need to know for the most part IMHO....

Really the only thing everyone should need to know is the hunch of a gut or liver shot. you see it hunched up, walking-off of a deer, you slip out and go home and don't even think about tracking that deer for a min of 12 hours. A mature buck during the rut 15+ hours.

If you can find the arrow, that will tell the tale if you didn't see the arrow hit. one problem, many fail to tell the difference between liver and lungs. Don't screw that up or you will bump a liver hit deer and the chances of finding it after bumping a few times is little to none.

I personally think after seeing, and being on MANY MANY blood trails, hunters REALLY shy away from that shoulder, and end up with liver shots. IMO if you're behind the shoulder and go rib-rib=dead deer. After I pull the trigger on my release, my TOTAL FOCUS goes into marking LANDMARKS (trees, a bush) wherever the LAST PLACE I SAW THE DEER!

11/17/15 @ 7:32 PM
User since 1/10/03
My buck this year jumped, then walked 15-20 yards with his tail tucked. He stopped and stood in the same spot for a couple of minutes. He finally swayed, dropped and died. Never blew any blood out of his mouth or nose, even though both lungs were hit with a complete pass through.

11/17/15 @ 5:26 PM
castle rock rigger
User since 12/9/12
The buck i shot last week went through the ribs but no exit. Arrow stayed in for 250 yards, then fell out, then he ran another 50 yards and died. Both lungs were tore to shreads. I figure that one lung was destroyed on the shot and after the first 250 yards, the other one finally pulled out, destroying the other lung in the process which explains why he only ran another 50 yards.

11/17/15 @ 5:25 PM
User since 6/12/10
The first buck I shot with my bow kicked and took off like Usain Bolt. He ran easily 150 yards if not more, and that was on a heart shot. All things considered I think it's all dependent on each individual deer's make up. I've seen a few shots on cam when it was a complete pass through double lung and all the deer did was jump 20 feet continue to eat and then drop dead 20 seconds later.

11/17/15 @ 5:18 PM
The master-baiter89
User since 11/22/14
Lake shiner, as for the deer that dropped in their tracks do you remember if you hit heart at all on those? Only reason I ask is as rare as it may be its possible that if you hit the heart at exactly the right moment (I believe its in between beats but not positive) that can cause instantaneous death. This is true for people as well, knew someone who's friends son got hot in the chest with a baseball and died instantly. As for signs of a good hit I've never paid attention to the tail but I have always seen the real high mule kick on every lung/heart shot and then they Barrel out of there usually running low to the ground

11/17/15 @ 3:57 PM
User since 5/8/03
I had a nice double lung shot on my buck from a couple weeks ago. Deer was at 23 yards, just about perfectly broadside. I had a complete pass through and when the arrow exited the deer, he slowly started walking away, Didnt jump, didnt flinch, in fact it didnt do much. After about 10 yards of walking it started wagging the tail and this increased as he walked. He went about 40 yards and stood there for about a minute, wagging his tail and then slowly fell over. When cleaning the deer both lungs were punched. The closest was about center and the far lung was center and a bit lower. I watched him fall over so I knew where he was but still wanted to follow the blood to learn. The blood was pretty slow in the first 10 yards and picked up a little after about 30. Overall not much blood for a double lung shot with a exit.

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