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Staying warm on stand

11/9/17 @ 2:45 PM
User since 7/19/09

Question how do you all stay warm on stand ?

1/15/18 @ 11:17 AM
User since 11/19/03

Feet:  wicking undersock, good wool sock over that, Sorel boots and a footwarmer in each one.

Legs:  up to 4 layers:  underarmour type next to skin, then polyester thermal long johns, then wool pants (some kind of surplus found on the web, but getting harder to find now) then insulated bibs...........for some reason my knees always get cold, so at some point during the day I slap on Grabber stick-on body warmer on each knee(over the long johns)---it makes a HUGE difference

For bowhunting, I like a lighter glove on my release hand, strap one of those handwarmer pockets to my leg with a handwarmer inside--it's big enough to slip my hand inside with the release for a warm up----other hand gets a little heavier glove and a handwarmer in the closest coat pocket for warmups..

it is important that boots and clothing layers do not fit too tightly.

11/11/17 @ 8:05 PM
User since 6/26/01

brews4995, the one product I have found to keep my feet dry, which I believe is key to keeping them warm is alpaca socks, (as in made from alpaca.) They also claim to be quite a bit warmer than wool, like 30% if I recall correctly, which I have found to be true. They also claim to collect no foot oder even after wearing them for extended periods. The heavy weight boot socks run about $25.00. 

I'm slim and get cold very easily. My hands are cold year round. Don't know why, as I do not think all slim people get cold easily. fishsqueezer, changing your clothes once get get to your stand, gives me the willies just thinking about doing that, ha, ha. This year I have a double whammy, from one of the deer tick diseases I have, that I believe is causing body temperature deregulation. My body core temp all of a sudden gets overly warm, which in short order causes me to sweat, which makes me cold quickly. After being treated for the last 10 months, I'm getting frustrated, that this symptom isn't any better. Starting to wonder if it could be caused by something else. If anyone has any insight, I'm all ears. I haven't been able to bring myself to do a morning hunt, since this colder weather moved in. Bad timing with the rut. Sorry for the whine. I'll just have to live my hunting adventures vicariously through Lake-Linkers, so shoot some nice deer, and post about it.  

11/10/17 @ 10:00 PM
User since 12/13/16

Check these out!! 

Im not vouching for either of these products but at an 1/8th to 1/4 of the price of the heater suit or Iwom they surely are something to think about!

11/10/17 @ 5:52 PM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

Once you get it on, sitting would not be a problem. There are straps built in that keep it in place even as you slip your shoulders out of it. If you are reasonably nimble you could get into it  on a decent sized platform. Good climber or good hang on would be doable. This is not something you would want for a 2 hour sit in that scenario. If you want to hunt all day or few hours it is the only way to fly. I think the suit also holds in your scent some and it certainly masks some upper body movement. Getting out and into shooting position is really not an issue. I mean with a bow, crossbow or rifle. Mrt., 

11/10/17 @ 5:11 PM
User since 4/2/10

How well will the heater body suit work in a hang on stand bow hunting? How about going from sitting to standing and turning around to possibly shoot a bow?

11/10/17 @ 4:10 PM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01

I have hunted in Canada a couple of times when the high was -10. The only way to fly is a Heater Body suit. They are like a sleeping bag with legs. It takes care of the foot problem as well as the rest of your body. I have shot numerous bucks while wearing them. I use them anytime the temps are under 35 degrees because it is easier to dress lightly under the Heater suits than  bundle up in a whole bunch of clothes. I do hunt out of towers nowadays but they can be used in other blinds. Look up the website for ideas. If you are serious about hunting in the cold AND want to be comfortable, I would highly recommend them. Mrt.

11/10/17 @ 4:02 PM
User since 11/6/03

I second the IWOM.  For cold weather all day sits, tough to beat.  Tried a lot of combinations through the years, and this has been the best for me.  Nice to walk to the stand not looking like the Michelin Man.  They now offer predator camo.  For gun season, I just put on an orange fleece vest to meet the requirements for blaze orange.  Good luck fellas.

11/9/17 @ 10:35 PM
Pike River Outfitters
User since 5/3/08

11/9/17 @ 10:01 PM
User since 1/10/03

I had to look up the IWOM XT.  Hunting Snuggie?

11/9/17 @ 8:59 PM
Pike River Outfitters
User since 5/3/08


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