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RAGE crossbow expandables

11/5/17 @ 10:35 PM
User since 6/25/02

Had to buy a crossbow this year as wear and tear on my shoulders and elbow prevent me from pulling back a bow anymore.  I didn’t have any idea what type of blades to purchase so I bought based on results from hunting videos.  These blades I got from my Barnett crossbow are super lethal.  Had a hard quartering away shot at an 8 pointer and the blade cut 4 ribs on entry near back of rib cage and cut 2 ribs cleanly on exit in front of far shoulder and buried in the ground.  Needless to say the buck piled up after 40 yds of snowplowing.  My son shot a big doe with a facing shot and the arrow skewered the full length of the deer before exiting near the anus.  

They are deadlier than a bullet as the large cutting diameter allows for some room for error.

10/6/18 @ 7:29 PM
User since 5/7/06

 I just shot a nice doe with a new spitfire and they work just as good or better then the old 3 blade spitfire. One heck of a hole and blood trail!!

10/6/18 @ 2:26 PM
phishin phool
MEMBER since 4/5/08

I agree with your comment. I have been using the Spitfire 100 since 2014 and have not had any issues...Of course, now, I may have just jinxed myself....

10/6/18 @ 2:17 PM
User since 1/4/08

I agree with Yamatroller. NAP Spitfires are great (as long they have the cut-on-impact point). I've killed 5 deer with them since I switched and have had all 5 go down within sight of my treestand.

Large exit holes and they fly like my field points.

I do have to say however, that I don't like the newest ones I just bought. Seems like they open with less force than the old ones. Which makes me worry that they may open before impact...

10/6/18 @ 1:33 PM
Formerly the big guy
MEMBER since 10/3/11

Nice buck dodger! Congratulations on a great shot!

10/6/18 @ 11:49 AM
MEMBER since 9/3/01

The Rage did it's job again. It was a shot that I would not normally take but the buck was on a hay field with nothing between him and me. The buck was calm feeding on the alfalfa. I ranged him at 54 yards.

I spent a lot of time sighting in the Mission 400 with the Mission lighted nocks. 

When he turned broadside and looked away I pulled the trigger. He ran about 50 yards before coming to rest. The blood trail was absolutely incredible. It was like a path painted in red. 

Earlier, I shot a jake turkey at 21 yards. The bird ran in a circle and fell where he first stood on the hay field.

Please don't be a hater for taking a 54 yard shot. I knew I could make that shot or that the buck is not a monster. I'm thrilled to take this buck. 

Good luck to everyone,


3/25/18 @ 3:33 AM
User since 3/25/18

Shot a buck last year with them, only managed 25yrds before he dropped, shot a doe a week later, perfect shot placement, arrow deflected somewhere hit guts,liver. No problem tracking her. Pieces of intestines and guts all over the place while tracking. Went at least 500yrds and bedded up found her still alive........Needless to say I felt terrible and will be making a change. 1st pic is of entry 2nd of  exit.  FYI, she was completely broadside.

3/21/18 @ 9:51 AM
Red Eagle
User since 12/17/16

Rage =Junk. I don't have the info in front of me but it has been proven the metal they use in their broadheads are inferior to other brands like NAP. 

I lost the biggest buck of my life to a Rage. Long story short is the ferrule BROKE off at impact of hitting the shoulder blade sending the arrow one direction and the broadhead the other. Picked up the arrow and the ferrule was still stuck inside with the broadhead nowhere to be found and the buck walked off like nothing happened. Not an ounce of penetration. 

Went online ASAP and seen that others had the same problem and that where I did my research about their inferior metals.

Remember, they have quite the marketing program. More than any other broadhead that I have seen. That money comes from the purchase obviously. While their comparatively priced the extra money per pack has to go to advertising. So that would tell you that the broadhead has to be made CHEAPER to differentiate the cost!!!

I will never use Rage anything again and just laugh when I see them at Fleet.

12/10/17 @ 10:52 PM
User since 5/7/06

Most of our group switched to spitfires from Muzzy's probably 10 years ago and have had very good results. Mostly pass throughs except if it was a bad hit, nothing like seeing the blood trail before  getting out of the tree stand. I would blame the shot placement more then the broadhead, sometimes what might look like good hit is actually not so good. Spitfires rip one heck of a hole and they fly really straight. 

12/6/17 @ 4:58 PM
Pike River Outfitters
User since 5/3/08

Let one fly , You never know !

12/6/17 @ 9:22 AM
User since 7/20/09

Kind of surprised we haven't really seen the comments about using Rage because you are a bad shot.  Wasn't that the original joke?  Just hit them and they die?

I think if you all stayed on topic and discussed Rage out of a crossbow you'd see more of a consensus on things.  Instead you are mostly talking about Rage out of compounds.  More variability in draw weights, lighter arrows, etc.  Going to see differences in performance.  Most crossbows will shoot faster speeds and heavier bolts, leading to similar experiences.

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