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Price County deer hunting

11/3/15 @ 10:02 AM
User since 2/12/13
Just want to start this because I'm not always up but like to know what is happening. So hopefully there is people that are hunting up here.

TODAY @ 8:39 AM
User since 7/20/09

My dad and I hunted opening weekend and didn't see anything.  Then Monday morning I saw 2 does.  Went again on Friday afternoon and saw a doe and fawn.  No bucks seen for us.  We were in the Chequamegon section.  Very little shooting, honestly didn't sound like gun season at all.  With all the doe tags this year I thought there would have been more.  A few cabin deer got shot by us.  I call them cabin deer because they are fed all year by people in the area and get pretty stupid.  They watch me cut the grass in fall.  Some years they are really dumb and I even talk to them when I'm in the yard.  Whenever I see trucks parked nearby for gun season I know they are after them.  I imagine them getting all excited about seeing a deer that won't run away.

Was going to head up for muzzleloader but my wife had a surgery and I have to stick around home.  Probably done for the year up here.

12/5/19 @ 11:24 AM
User since 10/12/07

My son and I hunted Saturday to Tuesday and saw 3 bucks and maybe 10 does. Saw deer every day. One of the bucks a 3-year-old 8 pt. we saw 3 different times. We also heard some grunting and chasing. More than likely the 2nd rut. The deer were hitting my food plots pretty hard. We had our buck tags and we both had bonus permits but didn’t elect to shoot anything. Both our freezers were full from the bow season so we pretty much were horn hunting. Had an awesome time with the mild weather and just being up to the cabin getting ready for maple syruping in a few months

12/5/19 @ 11:15 AM
User since 11/11/15

Most people just aren't willing to hunt where they are doing the moving, which seems strange to me. 

Or maybe they just can't figure it out.

Too many now depend on technology rather than woodsmanship.

I know. I'm dating myself.  Now get off my lawn...

12/5/19 @ 11:12 AM
User since 10/25/07

drawsbaby- If you are getting 95% of your pics at night, I think your camera is obviously giving you the intel you need, that is not a location the deer feel safe in during daylight hours.  I hope you didn't hunt that location.  Deer are rarely truly nocturnal, most deer, even mature bucks, move in daylight.  Most people just aren't willing to hunt where they are doing the moving, which seems strange to me.  Many people tend to hunt where they can see and shoot easily, but you can't kill deer where they aren't.  You have to hunt where they live, and if your camera is telling you they aren't there, then you need to move.  Sorry for the blunt comment and I'm not meaning to single you out because I don't know how you used the info from your camera, but its just an observation of "typical" hunting practices I notice.  Best of luck in the future.

12/3/19 @ 9:23 AM
User since 3/9/10

Headed up for muzzleloader tomorrow. Our family has land in Brantwood. Will report how we do come next Thursday. Hope everyone had a fun season in the Northwoods thus far!

11/29/19 @ 8:34 AM
User since 1/7/14

Opening day of gun season was pretty good for our group.  5 guys and everyone saw deer except for me.  My cousin shot this 8 point at 9 am on a rub line.  I didn't see anything until Tuesday morning, but no antlers.  Had to leave ahead of schedule to tow the tractor back before the snow.  Great hunt!

11/28/19 @ 1:59 PM
User since 2/19/05

got a 6 pt tue morn , had bigger bucks on trail cam week before..along with bear coyote and bobcat Price CO.Is great for wildlife

11/28/19 @ 10:05 AM
User since 11/29/01

That is quite funny about the 104 yr old lady that has me beat , however, it was on private land and almost for sure over bait.  I am sure I could get a deer every year out of Price co. Just bait every week for 2 months. They come right in  like they are almost tame.  Good for the lady . 

11/27/19 @ 4:25 PM
User since 12/19/10

Man I don’t know what you guys in Price county are doing to not see deer!?  It was just on the news today that a 104 yr old lady went on her first deer hunt and bagged a buck. Sounds easy up there! Lol

11/26/19 @ 9:52 PM
User since 5/7/03

Hunted dark to dark last 4 days. Seen nothing. Had trail cam out for a month. 95% of pictures were at nite. 

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