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Looking for some advice on public land bow hunting

8/18/14 @ 7:53 AM
HardCore Walleye
HardCore Walleye
User since 4/17/08
Hey Guys, I need a little advice for this upcoming season. After 30 years off I have decided to take up archery again. I didn't hunt back then, Only leagues and shot for fun.

I bought a Bow this spring {Matthews Switchback} and have been practicing this summer. So I'm really confident with my bow again! I love shooting a compound and have had a class A permit since 2004 so I could have got a Crossbow back then already but I have no want for one. I would rather shoot my compound until I no longer can.

I do not own land so my only option is public hunting grounds. I also have a disability where part of my pelvis was removed in 2003 due to a bone tumor. I do okay, I can get around fine and just basically have to watch what I do. I had radiation therapy so what's left of my pelvis on left side is slowly deteriorating. But again I do okay. I have a strong will power.

My question is, What would you guys do in my situation. I have a hub style blind but with public land you have to remove and take with everyday. I have been thinking of buying a Aluminum Climber. Found one I like that weighs 20#. My problem is I've never been in a tree stand, And again being public land, I have to remove and take with every night. Wisconsin DNR also says No screw in steps or tree bark removal.

Before spending a few hundred dollars on a Aluminum Climber I want some advice and what you guys would do in my situation?? I have scouted and found tree's and areas that are suited for a climber if need be.

A gentleman told me yesterday to buy a tree seat. Basically hunting on ground with a chair strapped to tree, While I think that may be okay with gun hunting, I don't think it would work well Bow Hunting.

I would appreciate any decent advice!

9/8/14 @ 8:55 AM
User since 12/20/12
I dont know where you are but the horicon marsh has a specail area that is only open to people that are having or had issues such as yourself. If u near horicon I strongly recommend it. Also 50 % of my bow hunting is spot and stalk its not near as tough as people make it out to be. There are numerous pop-up blinds that work great! dont be afraid to hunt on the ground it just requires a different though process. Good luck

9/7/14 @ 8:25 AM
User since 4/28/08
How about just making a ground blind out of fallen trees? That will save you having to bring everything but your bow and maybe a seat to sit on. That would be my suggestion. I did that years ago with an older gentleman and it's there every year.

9/6/14 @ 3:01 AM
herbicidal maniac
User since 6/10/09
hunting from the ground is doable. hardest part seems to be drawing without getting busted. it does open up some different opportunities as well. and if you start looking at it from that perspective you will find yourself in areas that dont get a lot of bowhunting pressure as most guys want to be up in the air. no big trees doesnt mean no deer hint hint

8/19/14 @ 3:25 PM
Bite_size_to a_bluegill
Bite_size_to a_bluegill
User since 12/26/04
I like my Millenium treestand. I can hang multiple brackets with one stand. Not sure if its legal or not to leave them brackets throughout public land, but havent been questioned yet. Very comfortable stand. I like the previous post on hiding your stand then chaining it to a tree. Going to have to give that a shot. My second stand choice would be my summit climber. I use my millenium in big pines where I can use the branches to climb and my climber on mainly straight oak trees.

8/19/14 @ 3:18 PM
User since 4/6/14
I would suggest summit climbers bigger for sure but light and comfy for long sits and with public land there is plenty of good public land that hunters overlook the key / work is finding your spots o yea and deer can't read just because it's public doesn't mean it's bad

8/19/14 @ 3:10 PM
HardCore Walleye
HardCore Walleye
User since 4/17/08
The buddy of mine that I was mentioning has a few types of stands. Were going to take some of them to the woods to see what I'm most comfortable with. He thinks I will be fine with that aluminum climber but I want a back up plan if that doesn't work out.

8/19/14 @ 11:17 AM
User since 6/21/01
Depending on the piece of property you are hunting, how far off the beaten path you get, and how many others will be out there too.... there's always the option of buying a good heavy duty cable lock. Rules say you can't leave the stand in the tree, but nothing says you can't hide it in the brush and strap it to a tree so you don't have to carry it in and out each day.

If it saves you a carry in and out once in a while on a bad hip, it's worth it. Or, if you shoot a deer and don't think you can multiple trips in and out, it's handy that way too.

8/19/14 @ 7:08 AM
HardCore Walleye
HardCore Walleye
User since 4/17/08
Thank You Guys!!!

8/18/14 @ 8:39 PM
Trapper Jed
User since 3/7/11
I know it's tough in wisconsin with so many hunters. But get a plat book and start knocking on doors. I get turned down a lot but have also gained a lot of hunting and trapping opertunitys by just asking farmers and land owners. Explain your situation and most will be willing to let you leave your stand up through the season. And again don't get discouraged if you get shot down a few times. Good communication skills can get you into a lot of property that other otherwise would be inaccessible.

8/18/14 @ 8:36 PM
HardCore Walleye
HardCore Walleye
User since 4/17/08
I'm not familiar with lock on's or climbing sticks. Would they be more or less cumbersome to carry in and out of woods daily?

Just in case this climber doesn't work for me.

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