Anybody catch at the January 24th Wisconsin NRB meeting Gregory Kazmierski's proposal to change the Xbow season structure for able bodied individuals due to % of buck harvest with xbows being higher than verticle bows and firearms?

Note no proposed dates are given, just looking for approval to limit the number of days one can hunt with a Xbow.

Here is the webcast of the NRB meeting, watch at the 5:45 mark for the proposal to come up as a possible question at the spring hearings:

I can only imagine what that will start among Wisconsin sportsman.  Maybe long bows can hunt all season, vertical bows get 2/3 of the season and xbows get 1/3 of the season then everyone has equal opportunity at a buck.

Regardless of what an individual uses we should all be concerned if this is acted upon because what type of equipment will be limited next?  Can't use vertical bow that shoots faster than 300fps or maybe only single pin sights vs. multi-pin or the new range finder auto adjusting.