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Lighted Nocks?

11/5/14 @ 4:54 PM
B Fish
User since 6/26/10
Who out there is using lighted nocks? What kind are you using and how do they work for you?


10/2/18 @ 8:15 PM
MEMBER since 11/25/05


10/2/18 @ 6:28 PM
User since 12/11/05

I never had a problem with carbon express launch pads. They push in when shot to turn on and all you do is pull on them to turn it off.

10/1/18 @ 1:05 PM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

 Nocturnals.  They are very good once they redesigned them.  Rage turned them into cheap pieces of garbage for a couple years.  Now that they lost customers and piles of complaints, they made them more beefy.  They work well.  22 grains.  

Firenock are great,  they'll cost you an unborn child though.  

9/29/18 @ 1:58 PM
User since 11/26/01

Just bought luminocks that light up with an on off switch.  What a waste of $24 for three.  They light up before they release from the string and you can’t turn them off to save your life.  I tried using them today, they are going in the garbage.  Used to use the old style of luminocks and they were ok, these are not.

Anyone have advice what to use instead?  

12/17/14 @ 3:37 PM
User since 1/8/13
Fire Nocks are supposed to be good too. I'm going to make my own with Thill bobber lights. there are several videos on youtube showing how to make them.

12/16/14 @ 10:59 PM
User since 9/25/06
I've been using the Nockturnals for several years. I've used them on Carbon Express, Easton Axis and now the Easton Injexion arrows. They all work great!

12/11/14 @ 2:31 PM
B Fish
User since 6/26/10
We went with the tail-lites from TGB archery. $60 for a dozen, Four of us have been using them regularly with no issues yet. If/when we need more that's what I will get again.

12/11/14 @ 2:24 PM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14
I shot Nocturnals from day one. When DoubleTake archery sold out to Rage they turned into cheap crap. I've had a few crack after 10 shots. Prior i've shot some 100 times and a few through multiple deer.

This year I was looking for a new nock, tried Nock Outs. The design looked odd as they sit outside the arrow. they shot well with field tips, perfectly actually. once I spun on a Fixed broadhead they would shoot 2 inches to the right. I took off the nock and put on a regular Xnock and Broadhead had the same POI as field tip.

So this year I didn't shoot lighted nocks. If you can't get them to fly perfect, it's not worth it.

Still waiting on a good lighted nock that isn't $75 for one.

11/7/14 @ 10:42 AM
Cold Front
MEMBER since 7/9/01
I used the lit Omni Nocks on my crossbow this year. I am not thrilled with them. I bumped them a few times on stand and they lit up. That is operator error and I can live with that. The one that I shot through my buck this year was good until it hit the deer. The arrow was sticking out of the ground, after a pass through, and the nock was not lit. It was actually hard to see because the blood on the arrow made it blend in very well. A shining light would have made a difference.I saw the arrow go out and strike the deer but the nock shut off on the way through. No drama because the deer dropped in sight. The Rage Hypodermic[ 2 blade> is a great head. I had to be careful not to walk in the blood trail so I didn't mess up my boots and pants. Mrt.

11/6/14 @ 8:55 AM
User since 12/6/10
One thing I like about the Tracer nocks is that a 3 pack also comes with 3 practice heads that are weighted the same. I practice with both the lighted ones and the practice ones.

I've never hear of any "blowing up" of any of the brands.

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