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Lakewood, Townsend, Mountain areas

10/6/11 @ 11:29 AM
Mt Dew
User since 6/23/01
How has the deer activity been in the Townsend, Lakewood, & Mountain areas?


11/24/20 @ 3:06 PM
User since 10/10/17

nice job scout, great bucks. Our group got a 125" 10 pt sunday morning, 2nd buck in 3 years which is great for our group. Always enjoyable being in this part of the state. Congrats again!

11/24/20 @ 2:48 PM
Bowhunting Guy
User since 5/22/18

Way to go, Scoutking. Two awesome bucks there. 

Judging by the muddy, wet clothes you probably didn’t shoot them 50 yards from the road. Hard work pays off. 

11/24/20 @ 7:41 AM
User since 10/25/07

How did everyone do opening weekend of firearms?  Any action?  We didn't hear too much shooting around us but my dad and I were lucky enough to make a little noise on Saturday.  He shot a nice 2 yr old 8 point at 7:15 am and I knocked down a tall racked 10 at 11:15am.  Good luck to everyone still hunting!

11/15/20 @ 11:36 AM
User since 8/5/15

Hoping for a little help.  My dad hit a decent 8 point in the boot lake area.  Bolt hit the neck area.  Shot Friday night spent most of Saturday morning searching for him lost blood.  This would be my dads biggest buck with a bow/crossbow.  Just hoping someone finds him or sees him walking yet.  I know deer can survive a bow neck shot so hopeful he makes it.  Just an FYI bucks were chasing Saturday yet saw 3 bucks chasing does just driving around.  Good luck to all this gun season.  Hopefully the bucks are moving still.  

10/19/20 @ 1:42 PM
User since 10/25/07

My father hit the woods yesterday and came across an area where two buck really got into it.  There were two fresh scrapes, one on either side of of the ripped up area, assuming the bucks were posturing up and displaying dominance.  He set up on a hot oak about 200 yards from there and had a little buck chasing two does.  After a few mintues of chasing, the big guy stepped out and worked his way into my dad's grunt.  within 25 yards but couldn't get a shot due to branches.  Hoping he can get another opportunity tonight!!  Here is the buck pictured under the oak where he was feeding last night.

10/13/20 @ 6:21 PM
MEMBER since 3/9/11

Saw some big bucks on camera in mid September. Now many smaller bucks are seen browsing all parts of the day. I'm sure there is a lot of bait out now changing their patterns.

10/13/20 @ 9:41 AM
User since 10/25/07

Alright, time to fire up the old Lakewood area page!! Anybody been out hunting/ scouting?  Finding any good bucks?  Definitely some acorns around in woods this year and seems like bucks had a good growing season.  I haven't been up archery hunting at all since I filled my tag Sept. 20 in SE WI but I've still got some cameras up in the northwoods.  Here are a few of the prospects for gun season.  The tall brow buck is the same one I posted last year and my mother picked up his matched set of sheds this past winter.  Bucks are really hitting the mock scrapes hard the past week and a half.

6/30/20 @ 8:05 PM
User since 9/25/14

Oh, if you're not following along, the Oconto county CDAC recommended 150 tags public and 300 private. It appears that the NRB overruled that recommendation and is implementing a zero quota for the forest zone!

6/30/20 @ 7:42 PM
User since 9/25/14

After airing concerns with the metrics and highlighting the dissatisfaction with hunters not seeing the deer, the CDAC still voted to issue so called "token tags "! The CDAC has failed to meet the objective of increasing the herd.  1 doe tag being issued is to much.  It appears that the NRB has taken the torch to increase the herd. Some accountability within the CDAC needs to be had. No does, Thanks NRB for doing what's right!!!

4/16/20 @ 8:38 PM
User since 9/25/14

The public comment period is open for the cdac committee to review.  If you listened to the meeting a quota of 150 was recommended. There seems to be members on the committee (2 to 3) that are listening to hunters. I know for the past two years the majority of people have been saying deer sightings are down during public comment period. Just look back. Now that the science numbers are matching what the hunters are saying attention has seem to be gotten. I know you can only beat your head against the wall for so long but don't give up people!  Fyi, Forest County is recommending a zero quota for this year and they are more similar to northern Oconto County then we are of the farmland zone of southern Oconto County. The momentum is swinging and this could be the year of zero quota! Lets increase the herd! 

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