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Juneau county reports

10/27/12 @ 8:06 AM
User since 1/6/11
Haven't seen any on Juneau yet, figured I would chime in. I hunt southern juneau, sat last night have 12 doe it a cut corn field....Not bucks to be seen. Have noticed a few scrapes. Also noticed there are not many dead deer on the roads around here yet, compared to Monore and Jackson co. Think the best is to come this week and next. Happy hunting.


12/3/20 @ 12:55 PM
User since 6/19/01

Well, bow hunting was a lot better for deer sightings than gun hunting.  We saw some deer during the gun season but they were all does and not a lot of them.  Oh well, next year I guess....

12/2/20 @ 1:07 PM
User since 1/4/03

He's trolling. Posted the same report on the gun hunt thread with the same BS claiming he was in Vernon County. 

Our group struggled badly this gun season. Very very few deer seen, none harvested. Others in the immediate area reported the same. DNR shows harvest was up quite a bit in the Juneau Central Forest. We did see good numbers during bow just didn't close the deal. 

12/2/20 @ 12:25 PM
User since 10/4/11

Johny I think you’re on the wrong forum-this is Juneau county we’re I haven’t seen 40 deer in one year let alone a day-lol

I think u must have thought this was the Vernon, Crawford, and or Grant county page!

 Either way congratulations on seeing that many deer as I haven’t seen that many deer since the early 90’s in Juneau county but that’s why I love it because it is so challenging! I don’t think I would have the drive I have if I saw that many deer!!

12/1/20 @ 12:23 PM
User since 10/4/11

Our year ended with a 15 year old shooting a 17” 8 pointer for the big buck of the year!

We ended with 6 deer-3bucks 3 does! 5 of the six were shot by kids under 15 so it was a great year for the youngsters!

It was a decent year but definitely on the lower side of our average! Great memories were made and I’m already ready for next year! I’m done hunting so tag soup for me this year! Good luck to those still out there hunting the late season!

Until next year,,,

11/30/20 @ 2:12 PM
Johnny Wishbone
User since 8/15/18

Saw 40+ deer everyday.  It was like a damn war zone with all the shooting.  The tribe got more deer than we can possibly eat in 3 years.  I guess we won't go hungry

11/30/20 @ 9:38 AM
User since 10/24/11

Our camp had a great time even though nobody saw a deer opening weekend.  There was a decent 10 ptr on camera on Saturday night and does and fawns so they were around.  We didn't have any action until Tuesday when it snowed.  My stepson shot his first deer on Tuesday.  It was a nice sized doe and boy was she fat.  I believe she was the one that's been around all fall with no fawns so that was perfect.

There was very little shooting and only a few shots remotely close.    

I closed up the cabin on Thursday/Friday and headed home.  It was a great year for me with getting one during archery season and then my stepson scoring his first.  All of us were able to get together for the opener and we're all healthy.  That's a great year in my book!

11/23/20 @ 12:38 PM
User since 10/4/11

Opening weekend was decent by us this year! We had two youths each fill there doe tags on Saturday! One of the older guys got a 8pointer on Sunday morning 

When I left for home we had two does and a buck on the meat pole! Most guys hunting all week so hopefully that number gets higher. I won’t be back in the woods until thursday 

Shooting was really lite again this opener! There were maybe a half dozen shots before 10 then there was a little flurry of shots between 10 and noon and then nothing until about 3 and then a couple here and there

Sunday had more shots than Saturday but who knows how many were at deer versus people just shooting there guns!

Good luck to all who are still getting after it

11/23/20 @ 7:09 AM
User since 1/24/02

Saw 3 deer, 7 doe and 3 bucks for the weekend. One of the bucks was a pretty nice one but was going across the marsh at about 300 yards. I could see his back and head. I'm sitting about 40 yards inside the woods on a ridge. Wasn't comfortable taking that shot. Perfect weather this year for the opener. Not nearly as much shooting as in years past. Maybe a half dozen shots in my immediate area by the sound of it.

Good luck to those still out there! 

11/19/20 @ 7:06 PM
User since 10/4/11

Good luck everyone 

Besides no snow the weather looks pretty good! Not windy like the last 3 weekends 

I’m leaving tomorrow at 10 and I am amped up right now! If I ever loose this kid n a candy store feeling before opening day I will quit hunting 

11/16/20 @ 9:44 AM
User since 10/4/11

Same here DS

Tag soup for my 2020 archery season! I thought Saturday morning would be a great hunt but didn’t see anything! Saw a mom and fawn Saturday evening! Woke up Sunday and went back to bed!

Good luck and be safe next week to all my Juneau county hunters!

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