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7/12/16 @ 9:44 AM
dell lake
dell lake
User since 1/17/12

Looking for a bow hunting lease for this fall. Preferably less than 100 acres in the following counties: Waukesha,Racine,Walworth,Dane, Dodge,Fond Du Lac. Please let me know what you have available. Message or PM me.


7/20/16 @ 10:52 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

NO,  I've never gotten burned,  I just speak the truth.  It's too bad people take offense to that here.  

Also,  everyone is looking to kill a big buck,  stop fooling yourself.

People don't lease land with the intention of shooting a doe.

7/20/16 @ 9:37 AM
User since 6/6/07

If you can swing it I would look into purchasing a piece of ground over leasing. Even if it is only 10 or 20 acres you can do what you want with it and you will have a investment. They aren't making anymore land and there is less and less for sale everyday. With interest rates at a all time low I couldn't think of a better time to buy. That being said I will be leasing out my property in Buffalo county this year for the week of muzzleloader season. It has late season food plots and a cabin to stay in if you are interested. 

7/20/16 @ 2:43 AM
User since 12/6/10

The OP never said he was looking for huge deer, just a lease.  There are good ones and bad ones out there and amillion reasons why a good lease could be available.  It sounds like someone got burned and thinks everyone is out to rip them off.

That said put this in the  trading post  and  not in  the forums like you did.  You  could also check out fb groups that are out there for leasing land for hunting.

7/18/16 @ 11:44 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

I agree...and I know that to be true.  That being said,  usually if it's good their buddies scoop it up.  I been around leasing land for 30 years,  I've seen it all and unfortunately it is NOT an easy game.

I could find you a least in Western WI tomorrow, you better have your kids college fund on hand.  

I stopped leasing recently,  I hunt public as the alternative.  Two's free and you can go where you want and most small leases is like hunting public.  you have neighbors and most WI neighbors can be a holes.  It's either QDM or scorch the earth.  most are the latter.  So why pay to deal with other people when you can do that free on public.  Lot's of things to ponder when "thinking" leasing is the better option.

Also,  if you put in your time,  there are hundreds of thousands of acres of public land.  If you intend on shooting anything,  public is the easy option.  If you plan on killing a more mature deer then public is better for two reasons.  One, you can go anywhere....and two,  if you lease 40 acres you have no where to roam.  if there aren't mature deer there you aren't killing one.  simple as that.

7/18/16 @ 11:05 AM
User since 6/9/02

LB - Some people do leave a lease for various reasons...personal situations often cause the departure.

7/18/16 @ 9:51 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14

Most leases suck anyway. At least to people that are looking for mature deer.  Very far and few in between.  If there is something good,  it NEVER hit's the market or it's HUGE dollars.  Only real way to find good ground is to know someone or know the right old lady.  This is WI,  everyone hunts,  very few leases are good...and if they just "became available" because someone left,  there is a reason. 

7/17/16 @ 2:33 PM
User since 6/8/07

You may be barking up the wrong tree here on LL. Nobody gives up a good lease for no $$.

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