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has this happened to you and what would you do

8/20/14 @ 4:50 PM
User since 8/1/01
I've been hunting same small private woods for 12 yrs and set up a stand in same spot every year. Last year in mid October another hunter whom got permission started tromping the woods and set a stand up close to one of mine. This yr I got out to put a stand up in usual spot and a ladder stand wasn't 20yds from my normal spot. I'm guessing he saw it last yr and got out before me to take the spot. Just wondering thoughts. To me it would have only been respectful to ask other hunters about there intentions especially because I've been hunting there 12yrs and he knew I was out there from last yr.

8/24/14 @ 4:14 PM
musky nut
musky nut
User since 7/20/12
str8shot, thats hillarious!!

8/22/14 @ 3:50 PM
User since 1/10/03
The only resolution here is to try to work something out with the other hunter. Hunting is likely going to be decent for both of you, or crappy for both of you. I'd do everything I could do make it the former.

A few years ago I was walking into my stand on my 10 acres and was confronted by a hunter that was hunting near the property line on the neighbors. I was also walking the property line to get into my stand, but I was on my side of the line. He was pissed, but he calmed down when I explained who I was and that I wasn't trespassing. That night, I took a different route back to the house, then waited for him to get to his truck. I explained that I thought he was hunting a different area, and he said he usually did. We came up with a plan that based on where he parked his truck, I would know which area he was hunting. We also worked out how if I was out hunting before he got there how he would know, so he could stay out of the area. It worked out well, and we didn't ruin each other's hunts.

8/22/14 @ 3:18 PM
User since 8/1/01
well I went to talk to the farmer today. He said that guy that hunts out there is a friend of someone who helps him a lot and he doesn't want to make the hunter angry so that his friend doesn't help him anymore.needless to say the farmer wasn't real willing to help and it sure didn't seem he wanted me to push the issue.I kindly assured the farmer I would leave it alone and told him that I still was going to leave my stand in the same area and try to work it out with a guy politely the farmer was happy with that resolution.on a side note I did check my trail cameras out in those woods today and at my secondary stand I had a really nice 10 or 12 pointer on the cam real late at night maybe I'll push my efforts more towards that stand. who knows maybe I'll learn more about that stand to. Thanks for all the posts I appreciate everyone's input I guess I'll have to make the best with what I have.

8/22/14 @ 8:28 AM
User since 7/20/09
First off, don't let a guy push you out. If you do that you'll keep getting pushed out. You have hunted there for 12 years, you know where the deer come from. Go set your stand up closer to where you see most of the deer come from, cut him off. You aren't being a jerk if you do that, he's the one who moved in on you (especially if he knowingly did it). If he doesn't like it, too bad. You both have permission.

Just like public land, get between the deer and the other hunters.

8/21/14 @ 9:09 PM
User since 11/19/10
Very tough spot you're in! And this does suck for you I know! Depends on how good of a spot it is weather or not I would stand my ground or move on and find a new place. Best thing is always try to be civil, polite and find common ground.

NOW......If the guy is moving in on you and just being a dick to be a dick....well then thats different! I would mothball his stand and every thing within 30yds on the ground from his stand! Id make it look like it snowed out around his stand! If he likes hunting in the early mornings...even better! Those little wind up alarm clocks you get at the dollar store...? me when I say the look on their face is priceless when one goes off at first light and then every ten minutes in a different location hidden like easter eggs around his newly "claimed" spot! best ten bucks I ever spent on "hunting gear"!

Just will probably get asked to leave by the land owner if he goes whining to him but oh had a good laugh at the dick head land bully!

Evil Grin

8/21/14 @ 8:16 PM
User since 8/1/01
The land owner is a farmer and non hunter. He is so easy going I've hunted 12 yrs and he never once asked for anything I have offered and attempted to help but he declines. He's real quiet kinda an outspoken guy. I'm sure he could set me up with this other hunter. I plan on stopping by the farm tomorrow to see if I can get information to talk to the other hunter. I have a feeling this other hunter may be the home owner near the woods in question.

8/21/14 @ 6:43 PM
MEMBER since 6/13/06

Just out of curiosity, what is the land owner like? All too many times we give our opinion and really don't know a whole lot of the background or the full situation? The reason I ask is 1. would he give you the new guys name or phone number? 2. Would he be willing to talk to the new guy and say, "hey, you need to honor your spot, you were here first." 3. Would he be willing to lease it to you exclusively in the future?

Best of luck with a frustrating situation.

8/21/14 @ 3:02 PM
User since 8/1/01
Thanks for the responses thus far. I have off work tomorrow and plan on talking with the land owner and see where that goes. As far as the last post I never said I only hunt this stand every day every year. It is one of two stand locations in this woods. The woods are tough to hunt there is so much underbrush you need to find openings in the thick stuff which I have. The spot I refer to is my favorite of the two spots.

8/21/14 @ 2:17 PM
User since 8/3/12
Why would you sit the same stand every day every season anyway?

8/21/14 @ 10:56 AM
User since 6/14/10
To answer the questions in the thread title:

1. No 2. Begin looking for another place to hunt, and perhaps spend some time with the owner discussing "exclusive" rights to hunt the new place once I acquired permission. If it took a chunk of $$$, a few bottles of the owner's favorite adult beverage, some work during the off season, or something else in order to have the piece of mind that not dealing with this would would be more than worth it to me.

I suppose option 3 may be to discuss these things^^^ with the owner of the current piece of ground you hunt as well. It may not help you this year, but if you're wanting to keep sole access to this piece in the future it may help for future years.

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