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Handheld card viewer

10/7/14 @ 11:21 AM
kid fish
User since 12/19/05
Looking for some feedback on any of the handheld card readers anybody's using out in the field. As they good , bad, reviews...

11/16/14 @ 9:03 AM
User since 1/22/14
My Dodge ram has a screen with a usb slot,i got a sd card/usb adapter, we look at them on the way home in the truck, not the greatest view, but good for a sneak peak until we get home.

10/9/14 @ 8:39 AM
User since 10/21/10
Fish Sandwich - very interesting, I never thought of that. Does anyone know if there is a similar adapter that would work with an iPhone 5S? Thanks in advance.

10/8/14 @ 8:01 PM
Fish Sandwich
User since 8/30/10
If you already have a smartphone then you already have a viewer. My galaxy S4 is much better than any viewer you can buy. Just buy an OTG adapter like someone already mentioned. They are like $5. The adapter plugs into your phones micro usb jack and you can read any SD card. Once you pull the pics up on your phone you can save, delete, zoom, etc.

10/8/14 @ 3:58 PM
User since 6/12/10
My uncle has the small Moultrie reader. The one he has is at least two or three years old now, but he did have issues with a couple when he first started using them. This one is very solid however. I personally like it because you can browse through pics quickly and either save or delete them with ease. He always saves the pics he likes on the reader itself and then I will transfer the pics to my laptop from the reader using a mini-usb to usb connection. He is technologically stuck in 1975 so it is very practical for him.

Edit: I actually think he has two of them because of the issues when he first started using them. Wherever he purchased it from replaced the defective one and also gave him an extra one for the troubles.

10/8/14 @ 10:09 AM
User since 6/17/09
I bought a 9 inch screen tablet/laptop at Biglots that has a keyboard and quite a bit of memory. It works great and you can save all you pics into folders you create and then erase your cards. You just need to make sure you get one with a sdcard port that works for your cards. Some have micro ports only. I think it was about $60 with a 20% discount.

10/8/14 @ 9:55 AM
User since 1/28/08
I have the smaller Moultrie version, and i cant complain, with the small screen yes it is hard to view sometimes, but there is a zoom option, another nice thing about it is that you can insert a 2nd sd card and copy all the pictures over to it and then delete the 1st card and re insert it into the camera, and go home and look at your pics on your laptop. Fleet farm usually runs a sale on them a couple times a year for around $40. Id get the larger version next time just for the bigger screen. I've owned 2 of the cuddeback card readers and both have broke, the buttons end up sticking and it doesnt work-- shed

10/8/14 @ 9:34 AM
No Name
User since 6/21/10
I have been thinking of getting a card reader myself. Would an iPad work? It seems that would serve multiple purposes.

10/8/14 @ 9:02 AM
User since 1/7/05
I have been thinking about going to micro SD cards they come with an adaptor to fit in the SD card slot and then I could just put the micro SD card into my smart phone to view.

10/8/14 @ 2:25 AM
big mac
MEMBER since 2/19/02
I have also been looking at hand held card viewers. One thing to make sure of, can it delete pictures!!

Big Mac

10/8/14 @ 1:30 AM
User since 4/2/10
I dont like the idea of using a camera, have heard to many stories and experienced that when you put it in the camera, it reformats the card and then it may not work in the game camera. I also take the laptop into the woods to check my camera's, but will probably buy a card reader soon.

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