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Decoying Bucks

10/17/15 @ 10:20 PM
MEMBER since 6/13/06
Anyone use decoys to attract big bucks? I was sitting out on our land this evening (Oct. 17) and two big bucks were already chasing does. The problem is that they were chasing on our neighbors food plot. I am hunting a tree line with corn on our side. I can't tell you what is in the neighbors plot; it just looks like weeds to me but the deer sure love to eat and hang out in it. I've seen 4 dandy bucks already, but they are always on the neighbors side. Any suggestions? I've never used a decoy before, but I am willing to give it a shot if it has potential.

10/24/15 @ 8:19 AM
User since 3/26/15
A buddy of mine used to use a cardboard buck(not even the size of a grown buck) and it did work for him a few times.

10/20/15 @ 9:02 PM
Fish Sandwich
User since 8/30/10
I've decoyed a lot and have never pulled a buck from a doe. I don't think it's possible. I use a big buck (boss). It intimidates most bucks but I could care less because they are too small anyway. When one mature enough confronts the boss you know it's time to stand up. I always face the decoy to my tree. They come around to the head every time and present themselves broadside. From my experience you're wasting your time with a decoy in the evenings. For whatever reason they want to fight in the morning and f*** in the evenings. I guess I'm not all that different myself. Good luck

10/20/15 @ 8:46 PM
kill'n time
User since 7/14/09
Here is one from last year very late October. Kind of bad pics from a cell phone, but he might have been a 3.5 year old and made two laps around the buck decoy. I think buck decoys work better now and doe decoys in a few weeks. Pretty sad looking decoy, and only tried once, but seemed to work good.

10/20/15 @ 7:36 PM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
Long Barrels, my son was saying the same thing,maybe I should have taken it,it was the same as last yr. (messed up) now why he would have lost everything but his browtine since velvet? Maybe that side was weaker and broke off rubbing ?

Very nice deer indeed, I was just a little upset when I seen him after velvet Crying Or else I would have taken him in a heartbeat.

10/20/15 @ 8:43 AM
.Long Barrels
User since 12/9/14
Fishing nut. I get where you are going, but that's still a mature deer for Wisconsin. 3.5 I'd be willing to bet. Not sure why the one side is funky. Maybe he will make it till next year and see what he looks like.

I passed up a busted up buck last weekend as well so I can't blame you. he was 3.5, big ole body....but it was a little early for me to shoot a busted up mature deer. Maybe i'll regret it later in the year when i'm eating tag soup, but that's hunting.

10/20/15 @ 8:03 AM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
Here are the pics. from last night.

Being a South wind last night I should have sat in my other stand but didn't and it didn't seem to bother him one bit as he was focused on the decoy.

10/20/15 @ 7:41 AM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
Well last night was awesome ! Was hunting in the backyard last night (40 acre mostly bean field with 10-15 acres of woods and a 5 ish acre hay field in the middle) set up just on the edge of the hay field with the buck decoy 20 yrds. out facing to my right and a 5:30 caught some movement just in front of me at the edge of the woods and he walked right out all puffy and strutting side to side !

He was 1 we had on camera this yr.and last and must have been hit by a car or something, cause left side was messed up last yr. ?

Anyways he came out and offered me a shot at any given time from 21-30 yrds. for 10-15 mins. but didn't shoot because his left side looks like he lost everything but his browtine Sad

10/20/15 @ 12:51 AM
User since 1/1/10
I would definitely give it a try. I also have used the scarface decoy for the last 5 years. Love it. There great when your looking to turn a deer around. I first used it when I had deer coming out in a field about a 100 yds from my stand, there wasn't a good place to set up on that spot so I decided to try a decoy to bring them down. Works like a charm more than you would think. Positioning the decoy correctly is a big part of it though. One you need to put it where they can see it, direction it's facing, wind direction ect all are a big part. The more you use it the more you'll learn how to use it and the better you'll get. I don't like to put it near any thick cover where a deer can actually walk up and be surprised by it, I want them to see it aways out first.

10/19/15 @ 8:27 AM
User since 12/16/09
The next couple of weeks are the best time to use a young buck decoy in an open food plot or field. I have had multiple bucks pause from chasing does on the other side of the field, and run or walk over to the decoy with their head cocked sideways and neck all flares up! It's an absolute rush! It's also nice because they are so focused on the decoy that you can get away with some movement or noise that you otherwise would not be able to. Only negative I have had is occasionally have had does and fawns come out into the field first, come investigate the decoy, realize something isn't right and spook out of the field. But if your trying to lure a buck thats chasing does around outside of your shooting range, I highly recommend it. I use the scarface decoy. It has a head that will sway back and forth in the breeze. Also, have a little buck piss spread around it, and don't forget your grunt tube to get their attention!

10/19/15 @ 7:31 AM
The Fishinnut
The Fishinnut
User since 8/11/10
I have used a ready doe and a feeding doe with some luck.

Last night the Son seen a brute behind the house and a nice 8pt he said one of them snort weezed and the brute chased the smaller one away, so tonight i'm taking the buck decoy and see what happens.

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