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Broadheads for Crossbows

5/17/20 @ 12:36 PM
User since 4/10/15

Just looking for opinions regarding the broadheads they use with their crossbow. I am considering changing to mechanical from Thunderheads but am concerned with the penetration depth. I have tried Rage a couple times and had 50% pass through. I like having the exit wound, on the opposite side for a better blood trail. 

Should I stay with fixed blade or try the mechanical again?


5/18/20 @ 8:47 AM
User since 10/4/06

I've had 2 bad experiences with mechanicals and switched back to fixed.  Lots of quality fixed blades to choose from.  I use Slick Tricks and have had good success.

5/18/20 @ 7:57 AM
MEMBER since 3/14/08

Been shooting a 10 point turbo 360 for past 6 years and have been using the same 3 blade 100 gr.muzzy' s that I used on my compound bow for 30 plus years and have shot deer and caribou out to 70 yards and have had pass thru except when arrow hit spine or leg bone. Shot one boar thru shoulder and arrow still went thru leg bone on opposite side they are tough and fly great, plus reasonable price,and replaceable blades.You can even resharpen the blades. Lited knocks are also great as 300 plus feet per second arrows are hard to track,and it makes arrows easier to find. 

5/18/20 @ 7:43 AM
User since 2/28/13

Your Titan should have a quite fast fps rating. You could always contact Tenpoint for info.  I also had a problem following arrows in flight.  I always thought also that lighted nocks were just another problem in the making.  However, several years ago I tried the Tenpoint lighted nocks and found them to work great.  Was easy to follow arrow and also locate after shooting at deer.  The lighted nocks did not effect arrow flight at all. 

5/17/20 @ 6:42 PM
User since 4/10/15

Old hunter I am shooting a Ten Point Titan. Not really sure what speed the arrows travel at but have never had a deer duck the arrow.  I wish I could see them in flight. That is something that I really miss from shooting a vertical bow. I might look at lighted nocks but not sure I want to have something else to deal with.  Regardless most deer drop within 50-100 yards unless you make a bad shot.

5/17/20 @ 6:36 PM
User since 6/21/01

I have tried a bunch of heads over the years, and had good and bad results with the same heads as others.  I just want to start by saying you have to be sure to shoot your heads on your bolts and see what they do even if it means wasting a good head to test it.  And of course it still comes down to whether you put the shot in the right spot.

As for which head, if you want to go mechanical, I suggest trying the Muzzy HB head.  It's two small fixed blades and two mechanical blades that open with pressure.  No bands or anything of that sort.  I shot them from my standard bow with good results, and then got the xbow version as well.  80% of deer I've killed with them were pass thru's and either way the hole they make makes tracking easy.

5/17/20 @ 4:32 PM
User since 2/28/13

I am not and never have been a fan of mechanicals, and yes I have tried some. I have also bowhunted for 55 years now, so I have seen a lot of broadheads come and go, kind of like trying to build a better mousetrap when the current ones do just fine.  I have used the Slick Trick standard 100's for some time and am extremely pleased with them.  You did not say what you are shooting for a crossbow, but mine shoots about 340fps, and every deer I have shot has been a pass thru.  regardless the broadhead, its sharpness is the most important factor.  Good Luck.

5/17/20 @ 4:03 PM
One shot one kill
MEMBER since 8/12/02

I'm far away from an expert , but I went fixed with mine .  Have not had a chance to shoot a deer yet due too health issues  .  Just think it's one more thing to have go wrong when it counts  .

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