To those of you who dont know. I thought I would bring this back up, for people who just dont understand how it works. For years I didnt really know until about ten years ago which is a long time since I am ....... Anyway I call it 2 UP. Thats all you have to remember. 2 LINES AND UP. Wrap the pike in newspaper for a half hour to soak up the slime, and leave it in the paper while you do it to save cleaning up all the slime. Fillet with the skin on, scrape with your knife from back to front on the meat side, this will show you the 2..... lines. The upper Y line and the center vertabrae line. Fillet UP on the top line as you would do upside down on a rib cage. Thats the backstrap and it isnt very big. The next step is very important to not waste a lot, some people cut straight down on the center line. Do not do this. Cut UP on as sharp an angle as you can. Thats the 2 lines and the UP. Hope this helps a few of you to enjoy pike as much as I do.