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Homemade tip up

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8/30/09 6:29 PM CST
I would like to expirement and make my own tip ups but im not sure what to do for the spool. Does anyone have any ideas?

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8/30/09 8:26 PM CST
Fleet Farm sells replacement spools for Hi-Tech tip ups. You could probably use those. They're only a couple of bucks. Unless you have access to fabrication tools, these would be a good start.

I played around with building my own tip ups. I'm an egg-headed chemist by trade and don't have much building experience. I was never successful in the endeavor.

What I have found to be rewarding and successful is trolling eBay or rummage sales for old Beaver Dam or Polar II tip ups that are beat up or have their finish in bad shape. Its pretty easy to strip them down, re-grease the shaft/spindle assemblies (even the Beaver Dams are not hard with their solder construction) and refinish them. You can get decals from the manufacturers simply by calling their factories. I've done a number of them. The best I've kept and the rest I've sold for way more than I've bought them for. I pasted a pic of one of my best. This one was actually headed for the landfill when I found it.

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