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I can hear my battery bubbling on the charger - Dead?

5/25/08 @ 9:13 PM
User since 4/15/02
I have a Deep Cycle Trolling motor battery; 3 years old. It sat all winter in the basement on a shelf and may have completely discharged. I put it on a my charger; 10amp with automatic shutoff. It was on for about 10 hours. I just checked it, the charger said that it was still charging. I could here the battery bubbling. I heard that when a battery starts to bubble/boil that means it is toast.

Thoughts/Advice? I am taking the boyz camping on Thursday.

6/1/08 @ 6:06 PM
User since 12/19/06
Every battery I've had bubbles during charging...whether its a boat battery or other.

I've always considered it normal. Mine have never been dead when they make that noise.

6/1/08 @ 5:32 PM
MEMBER since 8/23/01
First of all, the best way to charge any lead acid battery is at about 2 or 3 amps for 48-72 hours. Your charger throttling back to 6 amps is a good sign. Smart chargers start off with a little kick and then throttle back. A deep cycle trolling battery is going to require more than ten hours to go from fully discharged to a full charge.

Bubbling during a charge isn't a sign of it being toast. Not saying it isn't toast, just that isn't the way to tell.

You want to put a load tester on the battery and see if it bubbles then. If it boils pretty good in a cell or two.....then toast. A load tester is a glorified heavy duty toaster element.

You can put distilled water in your battery if you care to, it won't hurt it. But plain tap water is good enough. You will never boil enough water out of a pedestrian grade battery to risk silting becoming an issue before it dies a natural death.

Now, if you hear an erratic sort of boiling sound that corresponds with your charger's "hum" being erratic then you have the makings of something really interesting possibly happening. UNPLUG THE CHARGER, wait a minute, then CAREFULLY reach in from the side to disconnect the clips. This is a sign of a battery that is possibly going to explode.....which is really, really cool except it makes a hell of a mess and you're likely to mess your shorts as well. I don't recommend standing over the battery when it goes. That would smart.

6/1/08 @ 7:13 AM
User since 7/25/03
I always check batterys water twice a year. Most of my batterys last 3 yrs. I don't have lots of money so I buy mine at walley world.

5/26/08 @ 8:27 AM
User since 4/15/02
That's what I figured. It is holding a charge, but I doubt a full one. I have a battery indicator and it says full, but when I put the charger on it, it sits around 6 amps(just barely in the "Charging Area").

I guess I'll go pick up another one, maybe keep this one as a backup since we will be camping.

5/26/08 @ 7:29 AM
User since 3/27/05
Most deep cycle trolling batteries that are 3 years old are near its lives end! if you plan on keeping a battery for 3 years or longer it should be maintained during storage!!! 1. Remove and clean terminals 2. Store in a controlled environment 3. Always protect from freezing 4. Never place it on concrete 5. Trickle charge once a month

These are a few helpful methods to store and maintain a battery for a longer life!

5/25/08 @ 11:13 PM
User since 12/25/07
I have herd that they do that when low on water maybe you can add distilled water take the charger off open the top is you are able to and add water otherwise it may need replaced my batteries wont last 3 years it may be time if it is an old battery..

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