Lake-Link Fishing Forecaster

Lake-Link Fishing Forecaster

Make the most of your time on the water.

In fishing, success comes from fishing at the right time, in the right place, with the right tackle. In short, good decisions catch fish.

Lake-Link Pro Fishing Forecaster can help. Get best times and presentation recommendations for any of water. Lake-Link Pro members can get forecasts up to 10 days in advance.

This is more than just "general" best times. The forecaster lets you dial it in by species. You can even fine tune the forecast even more by adjusting real-time conditions such as the current water clarity, water temp and more. Now that's next level stuff.

Forecast Features

  • Get forecasts for up to 10 days in advance
  • Get forecasts for specific species, not just a general forecast
  • Uses actual weather forecasts in forecasting algorithm
  • Get hour-by-hour forecast breakdowns
  • Get recommendations of structure/areas to target
  • Get gear and tackle recommendations
  • Fine tune forecasts using observed conditions such as current water temp, clarity, water color and water levels.

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What make us better?

Many sites and publications offer "solunar" fishing tables, suggesting the best days to fish, and the best times for each day. Those are based on the position and phase of the moon. While that can influence fish behavior, those charts fail to factor in the season, position of the sun, the wind direction and speed, the cloud cover, the type of body of water, the water clarity, the water level and whether it's rising or falling, and many other factors that influence fish behavior much more than the position of the moon does. Lake-Link Fishing Forecaster evaluates all of those and how they influence different species of fish. It predicts the best fishing times far more accurately, since it's based on a much more comprehensive analysis of many more factors than solunar tables.

More insights

Lake-Link Fishing Forecaster provides insights far beyond picking the best times to fish. It can predict when fish will be spawning, and what structure, cover and water depths are your best bets, and even suggest appropriate techniques, lures and tackle for the species you're after in your specific location. In fishing, success comes from fishing at the right time, in the right place, with the right tackle. In short, good decisions catch fish. Lake-Link Fishing Forecaster can help.

Just don't take our word...

Here's what Teddy C. from Southeastern Wisconsin had to say when he was testing the Lake-Link Fishing Forecaster:
"We hit the Mississippi River for some last season walleyes and Mother Nature was not cooperating; winds and rain made things difficult. The first morning we got out at first light and fishing was very cold and uncommonly slow. We brought up the Lake-Link Fishing Forecast and the hot bite happened in that one hour window that the Forecaster told us. The next day we planned our trip around that days predicted bite window. The bite times were dead on. We got our limits both days with help from the solid advice we got!"

How Do I Use The Forecaster?

It couldn't be simpler...

To do your planning in advance just to any lake in our Lake Finder section of our site or on the fishing reports page for that body of water. You can then just tap on the "Forecast" tab or just tap on the current days forecast and you will be taken to the Fishing Forecaster for that body of water.

Or if you want to check the forecast for your current specific location just tap the green Tool Box button in the lower-right corner of your mobile device and it will open a menu with various options. Just tap the "FISHING FORECAST" icon to get the forecast for your location.

NOTE: If you get prompted on your phone to access your location be sure to click "YES" or "ALLOW" so the Forecaster can get your current location.
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