Explore Lakes Near Starke, Florida

There are 13 lakes to explore within 10 miles of Starke.
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Lake Crosby
Approx 2.7 miles away
  • SIZE: 534 acres
    Lake Rowell
    Approx 3.3 miles away
    • SIZE: 355 acres
      Lake Sampson
      Approx 4.7 miles away
      • SIZE: 1,987 acres
        Kingsley Lake
        Approx 6.9 miles away
        • SIZE: 1,621 acres
          Blue Pond
          Approx 7.3 miles away
          • SIZE: 198 acres
            Stevens Lake
            Approx 7.3 miles away
            • SIZE: 221 acres
              Perch Pond
              Approx 7.8 miles away
              • SIZE: 19 acres
                Cattail Swamp
                Approx 7.8 miles away
                • SIZE: 50 acres
                  Whitmore Lake
                  Approx 8.8 miles away
                  • SIZE: 138 acres
                    Santa Fe Swamp
                    Approx 9.3 miles away
                    • SIZE: 6,227 acres
                      Crystal Lake
                      Approx 9.6 miles away
                      • SIZE: 329 acres
                        Lowry Lake
                        Approx 9.6 miles away
                        • SIZE: 1,237 acres
                          Varnes Lake
                          Approx 9.8 miles away
                          • SIZE: 298 acres

                            Places To Stay Near Starke, FL

                            RAPALA - Jigging Shadow Rap
                            Jigging Shadow Rap
                            Lighter than the original Rapala® Jigging Rap®, the Jigging Shadow Rap® features a slower darting action. Designed for vertical jigging, the broader silhouette, modern internal metallic finishes and belly-flashing action are ideal for targeting large wary fish, whether they are suspended or close to the bottom. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: RAPALA - Jigging Shadow Rap

                            MINN KOTA - Minn Kota Talon
                            Minn Kota Talon
                            Only Talon has up to 15' of anchoring, letting you pick the perfect hold for any condition. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: MINN KOTA - Minn Kota Talon

                            ST. CROIX RODS - Avid Walleye Spinning Rod
                            Avid Walleye Spinning Rod
                            All-new Avid Series Walleye rods for 2023 bring new levels of lightweight sensitivity, balance and extreme durability to the Avid name, combining with all-new walleye-centric ergonomics and specific lengths, powers and actions optimized to support all of today’s top walleye presentations and techniques – from jig and plastics, hair jigs and blade baits, to bait rigging, lipless cranks, jigging raps, crankbaits and more. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: ST. CROIX RODS - Avid Walleye Spinning Rod

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