Trading Post Classifieds Use Policy

  1. A personal Lake-Link Membership cannot be used to advertise or post business items/services in the Trading Post.
    Our policy allows business items to be posted however they must be either purchased on an individual basis or have an account set up with the Trading Post Business Class service. See Business Item Definition below
  2. A personal Lake-Link Membership can not be used to advertise ongoing rental/leased items or places.
    The free listings for Members is a benefit to "sell", not "rent" or "lease", an item or place. All rentals/leases must be paid for on an individual basis or posted through a Trading Post Business Class account.
  3. Posting items using your Lake-Link Membership for other individuals is strictly prohibited.
    Those who post items for others using their personal Lake-Link Membership will lose Membership privileges with no monies refunded.
  4. Ads posted using a Member account cannot direct viewers to an different email address or other people for more information other than the one on file for the Member account that posted the ad.
  5. Member posted items are to be listed ONLY ONCE.
    Multiple listings of the same item is considered spamming and will lead to removal of all the ads.
  6. Members deleting ads after they fall off the main page and re-adding them is not allowed.
    This is considered spamming and will lead to removal Trading Post privileges. When you ad is expires your a welcome to renew it.
  7. Sale Of Firearms
    Federal law allows the sale of a long gun or a handgun between private parties of the same state as long as the purchaser is 18 years of age or older. An individual who does not possess a federal firearms license (FFL) may not sell a modern firearm to a resident of another state without first transferring the firearm to a dealer in the purchaser's state. Lake-Link Inc limits the private sale of firearms in the Trading Post to six (6) firearms within a twelve (12) month period by any individual. Buyers and sellers of firearms must comply to all specific state and federal laws regarding the sale of firearms. Gun brokers or dealers may not use a personal Membership to sell firearms. Lake-Link Inc reserves the right to remove any firearm ad. All sales are solely between buyer and seller and parties are responsible for compliance to all state and federal laws. Frequently asked questions regarding the sale/purchase of unlicensed (private) sales can be found at http://www.atf.gov/firearms/faq/unlicensed-persons.html.
  8. Member ads cannot be used to advertise events.
  9. Any ad not placed in the correct category will be moved to the proper category.
  10. Any ads placed to promote and auction or sale of the item on another site will be removed
    The Trading Post cannot be used for advertising the sale/auction of an item elsewhere. For example, if you list an item on Lake-Link that redirects users to an eBay auction for the item.
  11. If you place a "Looking For..." ad it MUST BE placed in the "Wanted/Looking For" category ONLY.
    If it is placed in other categories it will be removed. All the other categories are for "selling" items only!
  12. Placing an ad stating that an item is sold is not allowed.
    If the item is sold then remove your ad.
  13. Placing an ad requesting that someone contact you regarding an item is not allowed.
    The Trading Post is not to be used as a message board system.
  14. Any selling of illegal items are not allowed
  15. All ads must be in good taste.
    No pornographic material allowed.

This classified ad directory is presented as a service to Lake-Link visitors. All transactions are strictly between Seller and Buyer. Lake-Link, Inc. makes no claims, implied or otherwise, as to the condition, value, or merchantability of any item posted for sale.

Lake-Link, Inc. shall have no liability for the accuracy of the information contained in any advertisements, or for assertions, or omissions therein. Nor shall Lake-Link, Inc. be liable for claims or losses of any nature.

Lake-Link, Inc. will review the content of all ads. Lake-Link, Inc. reserves the right to remove any advertisements for any reason.

Business Item Definition

A Business Item is considered any item that is manufactured, grown, bred or purchased for the purpose of resale to consumers. A service is considered a Business Item. An ongoing rental of a home/condo/cottage/storage space is considered a business item. Any items requiring placing orders is considered a business item. Any Business Items posted using a personal paid Membership will be removed. A "personal item" is a physical item owned by the poster for his/her personal use and has a limited shelf-life; once it is sold, it is gone. If you wish to use the Trading Post to sell business related items, they must either be paid for on an individual basis or set up a Trading Post Business Class account.

The Seller

By placing a classified ad with Lake-Link in this directory, the Seller acknowledges responsibility for the accuracy of any information posted. Furthermore, the Seller agrees to indemnify Lake-Link, Inc. against any and all potential claims. The Seller agrees to conduct himself/herself in good faith in all dealings with the buyer. In addition, the Seller agrees to the following:
  • It is the responsibility of the Seller to collect any sales tax due as the result of a transaction originated here, and to pay such taxes to the appropriate governmental body when applicable.
  • Ads must contain truthful information.
  • Ads may only be posted once.
  • Ads must be placed in the most appropriate product category.
  • Ads must not contain any vulgarity or other inappropriate language.
  • The Seller must be the sole and legal owner of any item posted for sale.
  • All laws governing the sale and/or distribution of goods apply here.

The Buyer

By responding to an ad in this directory, the Buyer agrees that any arrangement entered in to between Buyer and Seller is an exclusive, private arrangement and does not involve Lake-Link, Inc in any way. The Buyer agrees to indemnify Lake-Link, Inc. against any and all potential claims. The Buyer agrees to conduct himself/herself in good faith in all dealing with the Seller.

Regarding Payments, Shipping, And Returns

It is highly recommended that the parties entering into an arrangement thoroughly discuss and agree on the method of payment - the shipping responsibility, cost, and method - a trial period, if any - and the return options, if any.

Lake-Link, Inc. reserves the right to remove any item it deems in violation of the Trading Post Use Policy outlined above. Lake-Link, Inc. reserves the right to terminate any Membership for violation of the Trading Post Use Policy outlined above.

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