Loyall Dog Food

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Loyall Dog Food by Nutrena Professional 30/20 #40 - $45.00 Adult Maintenance 21/14 Active Adult 26/19 Lamb & Rice 23/14 Puppy 31/20 Cat & Kitten 32/14 Dealer Call 920-731-4841 or 920-733-7254

Asking $1.00
Seller Danny S
Phone (920) 731-4841
Located in Appleton, WI
Date added Jan 27, 2023
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German Wire Hair Pointer Puppies Started
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9 m/o AKC Yellow Lab
do you want to skip the whole puppy process and jump right to a dog that is obedience trained and housetrained? unfortunately life circumstances have made it to where I need to find her another home. all shots are up-to-date She is leash trained, obedience trained and housetrained. Introduction to E collar has been started, and she has made a couple of trips out pheasant hunting with my short hair. she is bird crazy but is not a finished dog. The bloodline is from a pointing lab out of Iowa. if I was to guess I would say her size probably won’t be above 55 pounds. (I am not sure why it says or best offer, but that isn’t the case)
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