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Fraud Alert
Just as it is in the physical world, the Internet is not immune to criminals. Lake-Link would like to make you aware of various scams traversing throughout the Internet (Lake-Link is not alone in this fight). We are not trying to deter you from using the Trading Post or other similar services on other sites, but just want to make you aware so you can use your good judgement to protect yourself.

There have been scams going throughout the Internet from people requesting to purchase items asking for your address to send a money order or cashiers check for more than the price of the item and request that you send back the difference OR say they are an agent for several buyers. THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT REPLY OR SHIP ANY ITEM OR MONEY TO THESE INDIVIDUALS! We are sending these fraudulent request to the FBI. This is not just on Lake-Link but is happening all over various Internet sites. If it sounds fishy, please beware.

Lake-Link is working hard to prevent these criminals from sending fraudulent offers to users of the Trading Post. If you receive an inquiry that fits the description above please notify us. Lake-Link is not alone dealing with these criminals; this is happening throughout the Internet. So please use your good judgement on other sites that you visit or post items for sale.

Here are some tips to help you prevent being scammed:

  • Be cautions of sending items outside the United States.
  • NEVER send money back to the purchaser if they send you a check or money order more than the purchase price
  • Be very cautions of people saying they are acting as an agent, buyer or a representative of another individual.
  • Try calling the person if they provide a phone number. Most scammers will put an invalid phone number.
  • USE YOUR GOOD JUDGEMENT. If it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.
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