Explore Lakes Near West Hollywood, California

There are 12 lakes to explore within 16 miles of West Hollywood.
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Franklin Canyon Reservoir
Approx 2.4 miles away
  • SIZE: 27 acres
    Hollywood Reservoir
    Approx 3.2 miles away
    • SIZE: 75 acres
      Stone Canyon Reservoir
      Approx 5.0 miles away
      • SIZE: 136 acres
        Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir
        Approx 5.3 miles away
        • SIZE: 13 acres
          Silver Lake Reservoir
          Approx 6.2 miles away
          • SIZE: 74 acres
            Echo Park Lake
            Approx 6.5 miles away
            • SIZE: 14 acres
              Encino Reservoir
              Approx 9.1 miles away
              • SIZE: 135 acres
                Hansen Flood Control Basin
                Approx 12.3 miles away
                • SIZE: 124 acres
                  Devils Gate Reservoir
                  Approx 13.3 miles away
                  • SIZE: 120 acres
                    Alondra Park Lake
                    Approx 14.4 miles away
                    • SIZE: 15 acres
                      Garvey Reservoir
                      Approx 14.9 miles away
                      • SIZE: 32 acres
                        Van Norman Bypass Reservoir
                        Approx 15.5 miles away
                        • SIZE: 10 acres

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