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Waterworks Specialists is your full service dock and lift company providing service for northern Wisconsin and the Cisco Chain in the U.P. of Michigan. We have 3 full time Dock and Lift crews for seasonal removal and install of your waterfront equipment. We also offer Boat Storage (Inside or Shrink Wrap) Winterizing, seasonal delivery and pick-up of your boat.

We carry 2 different lines of docks and 3 boat lift lines. Our docks include Pier Pleasure and Porta-Dock. These docks include sectional post docks and roll-in style docks. Our lift lines include Pier Pleasure, Porta-dock, and Harbor Master.

Trusted Names We Carry:

A family owned business, Porta-dock has been manufacturing quality Boat lifts and docks since 1966. Porta-dock offers a complete boat lift line ranging from 800# capacity to 5000# capacity. Their canopy tops are one of the deepest in the industry. A deep canopy allows your boat to be "tucked" under the canopy totally out of the elements.

Porta Dock also has a fantastic line-up of docks for any of your waterfront needs. The Post dock offers you the ability to install this dock by yourself in a minimal amount of time. The dock is also very versatile so you can change your dock configuration from year to year.

Pier Pleasure
Pier Pleasure Vertical boat lifts exceed industry standards in all catergories. Their all aluminum construction and stainless cables and hardware is just the beginning. Pier Pleasure uses all aluminum pulleys in the lifting bed with grease zerks when most companies are using plastic. This extends the life of your lift and allows for easy operation years down the road. Don't buy another lift without looking into the line-up of Vertical boat and pontoon lifts by Pier Pleasure.

Pier Pleasure makes one of the easiest dock systems in the world. Their sectional dock is designed to be installed and removed without you getting wet. This dock is designed with screw jack legs so no matter what your lake is doing you can adjust the dock from the top ...NOT THE WATER.

Harbor Master
Don't be troubled by LOW WATER! Harbor Master boat lifts offer a unique characteristic that very few boat lifts offer. The ELITE lift by Harbor Master is designed to operate in low water situations. A conventional vertical lift requires 30" on the shore end of the lift to get your boat on and off. It's SIMPLE: Take the amount your boat drafts and add 5" and that is the minimum amount of water you need for your Harbor Master ELITE lift. Usually it ends up being 6" to 10" less water!!! Why buy more dock when in most cases the ELITE lift will work without any additional costs????

The ELITE Lift is all aluminum construction that includes stainless steel cable and hardware. The roller assemblies are sealed and have grease zerks for maintaining an easy operating lift. The winch box is geared so the operator does not have to strain while " Cranking" up his boat. ELITE lifts are designed so you don't have to climb over or duck under anything to get in your lift. The optional lift step allows you to step into your boat like you were walking down your steps at home.

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Waterworks Specialists
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