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Welcome To Stealth Tackle We manufacture and produce the highest quality fishing leaders on the market today! We use only the highest quality materials and components to provide you with the best leader possible. All of our leaders are made one at a time. They are hand tied, crimped, and glued for 100% security and reliability. Our leaders have been guide tested and tournament proven. Various lengths and sizes are available to fit all your fishing needs.

Fluorocarbon leaders are becoming more and more popular in the fishing industry. Every year, more and more people are being turned on to fluorocarbon for various reasons - clear water, high pressured water, and better bait control are just a few of the leading reasons. The fluorocarbon leader is virtually invisible in clear water, and is lighter than other wire leaders. It is our goal to give you the best leader on the market so that you can rest at ease when the big one hits! No worrying about leader failure when that monster strikes.

Our leaders have helped catch over a thousand fish up to and over 50 inches that have been boated throughout the United States and Canada by both novice as well as professional fishermen. Whether it be the mighty musky, vicious northern pike, or finesse fishing for line sensitive fish such as smallmouth or walleye, we should have something to fill your needs. Our leaders can also withstand anything the oceans can dish out as well! We have plenty of offshore anglers who use our fluorocarbon leaders to boat some of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean.

If your needs are something above and beyond what we offer on our site be sure to give us a call and we will do our best to provide you with any special request within reason.

Leader Selection

Springtime Leaders
If you are a fan of using Rattletraps or Rattlin Shad, type baits early in the season, you will want to check out our New Spring leaders. These are the perfect leader designed specifically for these types of lures. These leaders are approx. 6" long, and designed to tie direct to your line with no swivel. They use a solid ring that you split ring direct to the bait eliminating the need for a bulky snap. These leaders help to get optimum vibration and performance out of your lure.

Weighted Leaders from Stealth Tackle
These leaders were designed along with help from Madison Wisconsin Musky guide Jeff Hanson. Jeff produces alot of fish using this type of leader year in and year out and finds them very crucial in helping him get his baits "into the zone" where they need to be in order to contact fish. These leaders will be available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ounce. they are aprox 12 inches long and built on a 240# solid wire leader. they have our stealth 150# Ball Bearing swivel and of course a always reliable #5 Stringease Stay-Lok Snap.

The Gregg Thomas Hybrid Leader System, by Stealth Tackle
Stealth Tackle and Musky Guide/Educator Gregg Thomas are teaming up to bring you a new leader product unlike any other on the market. The Gregg Thomas' Hybrid Leader System, by Stealth Tackle, will be released at the 2010 Chicago Musky Show. This leader system was developed and implemented by Gregg Thomas Outdoors two yrs ago and has been attributed to the successful catch and release of 40+ fifty-inch muskies. Stealth Tackle is pleased to announce a partnership with Gregg Thomas Outdoors to make this leader system available to all anglers.

The Hybrid Leader System incorporates a 3 foot section of 80lb. fluorocarbon line tied directly to your main line with a double uni knot. The double uni knot is an extremely strong, but simple knot to tie. Instructions for tying this knot will be printed on the back of the packaging. The other end of the fluorocarbon line has a solid 4 inch wire leader accompanied by a #5 Stringease Stay Lok Snap which allows you to quickly and easily attach your lure of choice.

Fluorocarbon Leaders
Our fluorocarbon leaders are made of the finest quality material and components on the market today. The leader material "fluorocarbon" is a carbon based resin widely used fishing line for large salt water game fish that offers high abrasion resistance, superior tensile and knot strength as well as the invisibility "stealth" factor that fluorocarbon provides.

Our leader connections to line and lure; are made up of 150lb ball bearing swivels to prevent line twist, and the strongest snaps we could find, #5 String Ease Stay-Lok snaps. All of our leaders are nail knotted with the tag ends crimped and super glued to offer added insurance and safety.

Night Leader
We have taken our standard 130# leader and added a glow bead to the swivel end of the leader to give you better bait control at night as well as help save your rod tip. These glow beads do need to be activated or charged with a light or flash during use.

174 Pound Test Stainless Steel Straight Wire Leaders
These leaders have only the highest quality components:

Deluxe Ball-Bearing Swivels with double solid welded rings provide maximum strength, rated at 100lbs. This is by far the most important component of the entire leader. The quality ball bearing swivel is very expensive and they drastically increase the cost to make a high quality leader.

The StringEase Stay-Lok Pro Snap size 5 is the best snap available for the musky fisherman. The Stay-Lok Locking Ring prevents these snaps from opening and increases the strength of the snap. The snap is rated for over 165lbs. StringEase is simply the best.

The wire that I use is American Fishing Wire single stranded 174lb camouflaged brown torsion wire that is very springy and bends easily back to a straight position. The wire absorbs the shock when a large fish strikes the lure.

Learn more at stealthtackle.net

Stealth Tackle
P.O. Box 592
Lansing, IL 60438
(708) 466-5066
NOTE: Prices/rates subject to change without notice.

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