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St. Croix Rods

856 4th Avenue North
PO Box 279
Park Falls, WI 54552
(715) 762-3226
(800) 826-7042 - toll free
(715) 762-3293 - fax
St. Croix Rods

Factory Store

If ever you're in our neck of the woods, we'd be hurt if you didn't stop by and say hello. Besides a handshake and some good fishing karma, you will find our factory store to be a future destination stop on your way to the lake, river or cabin.

What will you find? Easy. You'll find a whole line-up of St. Croix rods to check out. A whole line-up of St. Croix reels to match. Not to mention, St. Croix clothing, gear, hats and accessories. But that's not all. Our store stocks many of the most popular lures, terminal tackle, line and accessories that any good tackle shop carries. In fact, we have a huge selection of musky lures - proven on our own homewaters by our own musky wackos.

The store is situated right next to our factory - where we have an observation window. That's right - you can watch genuine St. Croix factory people making rods right under your nose. It's really something - in case you were ever curious what handcrafted in the USA meant.

So, if you're headed up North - pull out your map and mark Park Falls in red. A little side trip would do you good. But bring your wallet - few escape without seeing something they can't live without. Who knows, you might be able to get a couple of the guys in the shop to share a local fishing spot or two. Well, OK, maybe that's pushing it.

St. Croix is located in Park Falls, Wisconsin on Highway 13, just north of Hwy. 70 between the towns of Fifield and Butternut.

Store Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 6:00pm; Friday: 7:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 7:00am - 5:00pm; Sunday: 7:00am - 4:00pm


Examine a St. Croix rod closely and you'll find a wealth of innovations and craftsmanship. But, in light of the fact you'd rather be fishing than sitting over a microscope, allow us to explain what makes a St. Croix rod so special. The journey begins in Park Falls, Wisconsin and eventually leads to Fresnillo, Mexico. It is in Park Falls that a rare combination of blazing technology and genuine handcraftsmanship come together to make incomparable fishing tools. A tradition that continues for a select series of rods in Fresnillo.


Engineering & Technology

When you set out to uncover what makes a St. Croix different from other rods, you need look no further than the engineer sitting right beside the rod designer. It's a partnership that's produced such breakthroughs as St. Croix's exclusive Integrated Poly Curve ® and Advanced Reinforcing Technology ™. Rod performance is only as good as the design behind it - and rest assured, before we even think about sending a rod through for production, we make sure we spend as much time as necessary in the design department to assure that every St. Croix rod is engineered and developed to outperform all others.

PLEASE NOTE: Rates subject to change without notice.
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