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Silver Strike Ice is a full service guide, so you can sit back and rest assured that everything will be perfectly prepared so you can enjoy your fishing adventure from the start!


The WhiteFish is best known for its commercial fishery across the Great Lakes. Fisherman have been netting these fish for local fish boils, restaurants and fish markets since the early 1900's. They are a very versatile fish to cook and do not taste fishy. Whitefish can be baked, grilled, boiled, and blackened. They have spent most of the years in deep cold water but have just recently migrated to the shallower waters of the Bay of Green Bay. This in return has ignited the ice fishing craze for these sought after fish! They have a 10/fisherman bag limit and there is no size requirements, or slot limits for them. The Whitefish are very active and bite throughout the day, every day. They prey on food sources on the bottom of lake such as fresh water shrimp, bottom organisms and small fish such as gobies allowing anglers to jig for them.


Our fully guided Walleye trips are chance to take home a true trophy! Since the mid 1980�s walleye populations have increased immensely due to cleaner water and increased stocking programs. When fishing on the Bay of Green Bay we do not catch the number of walleyes that are expected elsewhere but the bay provides larger walleyes than most places.

The best walleye fishing is either at sunrise or sunset, so this is the time to be on the ice. We offer fully guided walleye ice fishing trips at these times to give you the best chance to bag a big one! Typically we run a combo whitefish/walleye trip so you can either start the day fishing for walleye or end the day fishing for them. Typically the walleye fishing is around 3 hours.


WhiteFish 7-8 hour standard trip

Premier Shack:

  • $125/person Sunday-Friday
  • $150/person Saturday
Basic Shack:
  • $100/person Sunday-Friday
  • $125/person Saturday
WhiteFish with walleye combination - Please call about availability and rates

Ice Shanty Rental - $225/shack (1-4 people) What is provided during your Walleye ice fishing trip:

  • Transportation to and from shore/shacks via 6 person UTV
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Ice fishing poles, bait, tackle, etc.
  • 3+ hours of walleye fishing
  • Fully guided trip with instruction of best techniques and baits
We use all Shimano Reels, rods built for WhiteFish, Strike Master Ice Augers and the newest jigs/line.
PLEASE NOTE: Rates subject to change without notice.

Waters Guided

Fish Targeted

  • Walleye
  • Whitefish
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