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W6682 County Road E
Burnett, WI 53922
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Prairie Sports & Argo


For 50 years, ARGO has been on a quest to build the ultimate vehicle for the world's most challenging terrain conditions. From wilderness recreation to lunar space exploration, our ground-breaking innovations have made ARGO the most successful amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) in world.

At Prairie Sports & Argo we offer brand new Argos and normally carry about $100,000 dollars in inventory!

Our Services Include:

  • Engine replacement or rebuilding
  • Transmission rebuild or replacement
  • Sprocket, chain and bearing replacement
  • Engine diagnostics for EFI systems
  • Electric fuel pump replacement
  • Carburetor rebuilding or replacement
  • Preventive maintaince, oil changes, grease bearings, and much more...

SPORTSMAN'S CONDO - More Bucks, Bigger Bucks, Better Bucks!

With a Sportsman's Condo, neither rain, nor snow, nor slicing arctic winds can keep you from maximizing your time in the field. This one-piece modern hunting fortress has no seams to leak, rattle, rust or rot. For the hunter who is serious about spending more time in the field and increasing his chances of spotting that trophy, the Sportsman's Condo is simply a "must have."

All can be used either as ground blinds or with the addition of an All-In-One Base Stand, elevated safely up to 10 ft. for the ultimate hunting experience.

Prairie Sports & Argo offers delivery and setup of enclosed hunting blinds in Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We are a fully insured company, so as a land owner you can have peace of mind that all of our installers are covered with no worries about any liabilities.

We can set these blinds up just about anywhere with our amphibious XTV's. From swamps to the woods we have you covered. When we are done you just have to show up and hunt, everything is done!

PLEASE NOTE: Rates subject to change without notice.
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