Ohlin's Guide Service

Pardeeville, WI
Species Targeted:
Largemouth Bass
Northern Pike
Smallmouth Bass
White Bass
White Crappie
Yellow Perch
Welcome Brady Ohlin has years of experience fishing through out the state of Wisconsin. From fishing walleye tournaments to going out with friends and family teaching them new tricks and tactics to catch more fish and making memories of a life time. He can be found on the water fishing with his clients or pre fishing for his up-coming tournament. He is one of a kind when it comes to fishing. Brady is always looking for better places to fish and always experimenting different lures, spots, and baits. He is a friendly, funny guy who is willing to teach you what he knows.

What you can expect

Brady is going to take you to where the fish are biting so be prepared to have a fun time. He has all the equipment, bait, and tackle you will need for the day.

What is he going to teach you? You will learn what lures and bait he is using for certain occasions while fishing certain cover. You will know the honey holes Brady is fishing and learn boat control, new tricks and tactics that he has learned from years of experience of fishing around Wisconsin. Brady will take you to local lakes that he grew up around or some of the bigger lakes and river systems he fishes all spring, summer, and winter.

What to Bring

  • Sun Screen
  • Pack a Lunch Snacks/Drinks
  • Any Of Your Favorite Fishing Equipment
  • Valid Fishing License
  • Sun Glasses
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing


  • Half Day (4-5 hours) 1-2 People $200
  • Full Day (8-9 hours) 1-2 People $300
A additional person is only $40

3 People is the Maximum he can take in his boat (not including his self)

Waters Guided

Ohlin's Guide Service
(608) 697-4079
NOTE: Prices/rates subject to change without notice.
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