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Mellette, SD
Species Targeted:
Largemouth Bass
Northern Pike
Smallmouth Bass
Yellow Perch
EYETIME PROMOTIONS! If you have a passion for fishing, EYETIME PROMOTIONS is your ticket for an enjoyable and successful day on the water. Whether your preference is Walleye, Jumbo Perch, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Large Northerns, or any other fish for that matter. We will cater to your wishes. I am a true Multi-Species Angler with an emphasis on Walleye, open and hard water alike. I can personally guarantee you that no one will work harder to ensure that your day on the water is satisfying in every respect.

I take a different and unique approach and philosophy to guiding. I am committed to catching the biggest (size does matter!) and most fish possible on any given day and will go to any length needed to accomplish this. Therefore, I will not take the easy route and put you on "Guide Fish" (small-easily caught fish close to the ramp). You will be fishing the same exact fish and using the techniques, lures, and rods I would be if competing in a Tournament. Nothing is held back! I want to catch quality fish as much or more than you do.

Your time on the water will also be a learning experience. I take great pride in passing along any knowledge I can to help you become a more well rounded angler. Not only will you be exposed to cutting edge techniques, patterns, and equipment: you will leave with a full understanding of Why and How these methods work, as well as insight on applying them to your home waters. The educational aspect of the sport is truly important to me as evidenced by the numerous articles I have penned for Local, Regional, and National Publications such as In-Fisherman and The Walleye Insider over the past couple of years.

I focus the majority of my efforts on the Missouri River Reservoirs of South Dakota and the numerous lakes in the Glacial Lakes region of Northeast South Dakota. I also have considerable experience and am able to accommodate trips in North Dakota on waters such as Sakakawea and Devil�s Lake.

Of particular interest is Oahe: Water levels have now rose to full pool and the fish and forage in this phenomenal body of water have rebounded to levels at or exceeding the glory days-resulting in both in numbers and size. Oahe is famous for its' "football" shaped fish and believe me, they are back. If you have experienced this in the past-you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't-you owe it to yourself to get in on some of the fastest action imaginable.

South Dakota has a well known and deserved reputation for the incredible Walleye fisheries in both the Missouri River Reservoirs and Glacial Lakes. A vastly overlooked option that some folks are just beginning to discover is the untapped opportunity that Small Mouth Bass offer. Numerous fish in the 3 pound class are available with 5 pound plus fish very obtainable; particularly in a few of the Glacial Lakes along with Large Mouths up to 7 pounds. Just another possibility you may want to consider when booking your trip.

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Eyetime Promotions is happy to announce Guided Pheasant Hunting in Northeastern South Dakota from October 15th to January 1st. Click here for more pheasant hunting information.

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