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Green Bay, WI
Species Targeted:
Brown Trout (outlying)
Rainbow Trout
Smallmouth Bass
Are you ready to add a professional element to your next fishing trip? At Epic Guide Service, our goal is to provide customers with the most exciting outdoor sporting experiences of your lives. Our services include fishing tours throughout the year, plus guided waterfowl trips in the spring and fall.

Our fishing services include muskie and walleye fishing in Green Bay and the surrounding areas throughout the spring and summer. In the winter, we guide Great Lakes trout fishing charters on Lake Michigan.

Walleye Fishing Charters

Are you ready to chase some walleye? The walleye is one of the most highly prized game fish in Wisconsin, and we have located many of the best spots in the extensive Green Bay fishery. Walleyes of 10 or more pounds are not uncommon in the waters of Green Bay, and it is possible to net multiple fish of this caliber in a single day.
Guide Capt. Jake Kaprelian is an experienced fisherman who will do everything he can to bring you to the area's hottest walleye locations. We generally use the techniques of casting, jigging and trolling during a typical day of fishing.

Muskie Fishing Charters

Are you ready to catch the next world record musky? In fact, many world record muskies over the years have been netted right here in Wisconsin on the Fox River. Experts have predicted the next world record muskie could soon be caught in the waters of Green Bay.

If you are ready to feel the adrenaline rush of catching a trophy muskie, Epic Guide Service will give you the best chance to make it happen. We are based out of eastern Wisconsin, with many of our muskie trips taking place in the Green Bay area.

It is a common occurrence for our customers to catch muskies of 50 inches or greater. We use a mixture of casting and trolling, depending on the season and conditions, to put fish in the boat. An average catch of one to five fish during a daylong trip is common. If you are ready to catch a muskie that will impress your friends, we are prepared to put you on the fish.

Great Lakes Trout Fishing

While many people are out on the ice during winter in Wisconsin, some of the best cold water fishing is happening on Lake Michigan. Winter days on the Milwaukee Harbor are often the best times of the year to catch trout. As long as the ice conditions are low enough to get a boat on the water, we guide from December through February.

We will use a mix of casting, jigging and trolling to catch some of the best fish the Great Lakes have to offer. Boating 50 or more trout a day is not an uncommon occurrence on the waters of Lake Michigan during the winter. These winter trout trips are a great way to change things up during the cold months of a Wisconsin winter.


Guide Capt. Jake Kaprelian uses a Ranger 620 boat with the latest electronics and equipment to help provide the best fishing experience possible. Jake is a licensed coast guard captain, and is fully trained in the latest first aid and CPR practices.

Waters Guided

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