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Waukesha, WI
LEADERS IN WATERFRONT RESTORATION SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGY Eco Waterway Services offers the most efficient and cost effective solutions for rapid weed control and sediment removal. We are the only company in Wisconsin and Illinois that offers Hydro Dredging and Suction Weed Harvesting. These latest eco friendly technologies, together with our unparalleled experience will provide longer lasting solutions than conventional methods.

Our Equipment

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee a low impact on the waterway and shoreline. Where other companies come in with large back-haul excavators, we bring the latest and greatest in dredging, sediment and water weed technology to you. Whether it is sediment removal or weed harvesting, we can perform all the work directly from the waterway with no impact to the shoreline. Our expertise in operating our equipment guarantee your satisfaction.

Suction Weed Harvester
Suction Harvesting is the most effective way of removing unwanted aquatic vegetation. Our specialists uproots the targeted plants and their rooting system plus the years past decomposing plants and feeds them into a vacuum hose that brings them to the harvester, which stores it in special bags. The advantage of this process is the complete removal of the targeted plant as opposed to a mere "trim" of the weed plant. A variety of different filtration bags are available that allow us for the separation of water and debris. The weeds and all the solids flow into the filtration bag at rates up to 1200gpm, while the water passes back into the water.

SRS Crisafulli Rotomite SD110
Eco Waterway Services uses SRS Crisafulli�s new shallow draft dredge, the Rotomite SD110. This enables our specialists to dredge in small, shallow, confined areas in a minimum of 17 inches of water. This compact, self-propelled, steerable machine can dredge just about anywhere without the use of cumbersome cabling. The SD110 is made entirely of aluminum, and is equipped with a hydraulic ram that puts a great amount of pressure on condensed materials that may otherwise be hard to remove.

Marina Dredging

Regularly scheduled dredging is important to marinas to maintain the neccessary water depths on boat slips and approaches for larger boats and yachts in the regional market. Without dredging, a marina can be forced to close slips for their customers until they are again able to maintan adequate water depth. Since the build up of sediment is not only unavoidable but predictable, dredging the marina on a regular basis is recommended for a variety of reasons:
  • Ability to plan both for cost as well as for short term slip closings
  • Less problems navigating the permit process related to sediment disposal
  • Uninterupted use of the marina
Through our technology and expertise, we offer the most advanced and efficient solution. Our equipment offers the best maneuverability, allowing us to dredge slips much faster than most of our competitors. As a result, you are not forced to berth smaller boats and reduce your revenue.

Lake and Pond Dredging

Ponds are the focal point of a property. A clean healthy pond can increase the value of your real estate and provide years of enjoyment. Eco Waterway Services can keep your ponds looking fresh and clean by removing unwanted sediment or other debris. Dredging a pond area can present unique challenges because of access points, sediment removal and intended final use. Our equipment is designed with that uniqueness in mind! Our hydraulically powered suction-head dredge vacuums sediment from the bottom of your pond or lagoon. In addition, we can perform dredging without disturbing the aquatic life in and surrounding the pond. Of course, we offer our customers Weed Suction Removal Services as well!

Other Services

Golf Course Dredging

River, Channel and Canal Dredging

Power/Energy and Water Plants

Suction Weed Harvesting


When you live on a public waterfront, a permit may be necessary before we can conduct our work. We will assist you in obtaining and completing the necessary paperwork.

Learn more at ecowaterway.com

Eco Waterway
111 Wilmont Dr Unit L
Waukesha, WI 53189
(262) 337-0083
NOTE: Prices/rates subject to change without notice.

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