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Coralville, IA
Custom Jigs and Spins focus is to produce the finest ice jigs and accessories on the market. Our forte is light precision balanced ice spoons and jigs.

border="0" Recently we have expanded our product line by creating more products that you've demanded. You wanted to catch panfish consistently without live bait and we developed Shrimpos, Ratsos and Finesse Plastic. You wanted to charge your Glow Brite lures effectively and we designed the Nuclear Flash Micro Charger. You wanted the brightest glow finishes on the market and we found that our Glow Brite finish is still the best!

Plus, you wanted a precision jigging spoon that was lacking in our product line. After serious testing on all species of fish from crappie to walleye we found that we couldn't design a better spoon than the Slender Spoon. Instead of making a cheap copy in China (as so many company's do nowadays) we purchased the Slender Spoon line and now offer it along with the rest of our fine products.

So you see, while other companies try to duplicate our products, we strive to provide you with more new concepts, better products and ideas that will not only catch you more fish through the ice, but also make you a better ice fisherman!

Traditional Ice Spoons border="0" CJ&S is one of the few companies left that produces traditional ice spoons by hand here in America. Demons, 2-Spots, Rockers, Striper Specials, Poppees, Slim Jigs and Toadies are examples since they consist of a lightweight plated spoon soldered to a hook. They are then hand painted with a brush so ensure a super hard finish and paint free eyes.

Ice Jigs CJ& S ice jigs are precision poured and balanced for the ultimate in fish catch-a-bility! Ratfinkees, Shrimpos, Ratsos and the New Nuclear Ant are our signature ice jigs. These mighty mites range in size from 1/200 through 1/32 ounce; for all species of fish.

Soft Bodies Our soft-bodied lures are made from plastisol formed in two different ways. The Purest and Ratfinkees are dipped using our patented dipping method that ensures a durable (but still soft) body that will allow you to catch hundred of fish on the same lure. Our Finesse Plastic is injection molded and super soft. It is designed to be soft enough to a still catch a few dozen fish before replacement. Shrimpos and Ratsos come with replacement tails, while our anise scented Noodels, Micro-Noodels and Wedgees can be used "as is" on any of your favorite ice jigs and spoons.

Jigging Spoons border="0" CJ&S offers a unique line of jigging spoons for all species and conditions. The Stinger is a weighted willow blade jigging spoon that is hand soldered and hand painted. The Slip Dropper is the only fully adjustable dropper spoon on the market. The Slip Dropper spoon will attract fish in from a distance, while the snell length between the spoon and hook is adjustable. What this means to you is that you can catch walleye with a short snell and then lengthen it and catch perch - a revolutionary concept! The Slender Spoon is a shoe horn shaped thin spoon with ultimate attracting power. From 1/16 ounce through 1/4 ounce we feel that the Slender Spoon is the last word in jigging spoons!

Ultra Violet Nuclear Flash Micro-Light border="0" The Nuclear Flash is the finest glow charger on the market. It is now available in white light, ice blue light and purple ultra violet. The nuclear flash will last for thousands of flashes, has replaceable components and is visible for a mile! The New purple ultra violet charger is by far the most powerful glow charger ever produced, since it uses ultra violet light to charge your lures.

Finesse Plastic border="0" Plastics are all the rage for bigger panfish through the ice. CJ&S delivers the finest plastic available with our Finesse Plastic line-up. The Noodel and Micro-Noodel are tiny hotdog shaped tails that give a "do-nothing" action. The Wedgee is a whisper thin piece that can be tore to size to fit even the tiniest spoon. They are all available in a new hot pink color for added attraction and they all feature anise scent.

border="0" The Nuclear Ant The CJ&S Nuclear Ant is the finest ant made. A unique four-legged Finesse Plastic collar is the heart of this unique jig. Available in sizes 10 and 8 and a myriad of colors, the Nuclear Ant is a must in every ice fisherman's jig box. The Nuclear Ant revolution is in full swing with limited quantities available.

Shrimpos and Ratsos border="0" When ice fisherman demanded an ultra-effective ice jig with a soft plastic body, CJ&S field staff (namely Walt and Poppee) went to work designing the ultimate plastic presentation. After years of development, which included many sleepless night and thousands of hours of tank testing (in Poppee's basement toilet) the boys came up with the ultimate presentation. The Shrimpo is a vertical jig with a horizontal plastic presentation, while the Ratso is a horizontal jig. Plus, with the replaceable Finesse Plastic tails available, the Shrimpos and Ratsos are the ideal ways to present plastic. Way to go boys!

Learn more at customjigsandspins.com

Custom Jigs & Spins Inc.
402 Westcor Dr.
Coralville, IA 52241
(319) 545-5447
NOTE: Prices/rates subject to change without notice.

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