Crystal Beach Resort

Atikokan, ON

We would like to introduce you to all the adventure activities and the awesome fishing, which our guests keep coming back to enjoy year after year.

Crystal Lake is one of the best fishing lakes in the Atikokan area. We have Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Walleye fishing. Our long growing season allows our Northern Pike to grow big with 20-plus pounders being caught and released. Crystal Lake, being a deep lake, is stuffed with Lake Trout of all sizes. Our lake could also be called the hottest Smallmouth Bass lake in Ontario. Not only do we have an extremely high population of Smallmouth Bass, our bass get big with many trophy size bass being caught and released. We also have easy access to 30 other lakes in the area with exceptional fishing for tasty Walleyes and other species. There are Walleyes in Crystal Lake but they are not the dominant species.

We are more than a fishing camp. There are many adventure activities and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Close to our lodge is the outpost tourist town of Atikokan, which has many activities and attractions to explore such as museums, Walleye hatchery, golf course, hiking trails, shopping, restaurants, waterfalls, canoe builders and much more. We are also on the northern boundary of Quetico Park where you can take day-long canoe trips into remote lakes for fishing or to enjoy the wilderness setting and abundant wildlife.

Crystal Lake itself is a well-known attraction. The lake has a Blue Heron Rookery with between 30 and 50 nests. It's also a bachelor lake for Loons. 50 to 100 Loons are on the Lake at any given time. Hearing the quiet song of a loon while breathing in that clean Canadian air will give you the best sleep imaginable. As our name suggests, we have a beautiful beach for swimming, which the kids love.

Our private lakeside cottages are clean, modern and very comfortable. We also have a family campground with daily, weekly and seasonal packages.

Our resort is the only resort on Crystal Lake. The goal of our camp is to keep things simple and affordable. We do not offer a lot of custom packages as some camps do.

We leave it up to our guests to customize their own vacation; this keeps bookings flexible for guests with tight work schedules. We are an easily accessible drive to camp with many options for anglers who wish to explore many different lakes. At our resort you never get bored with fishing in the same body of water!!!

We specialize in affordable housekeeping cabins, all newly constructed in the past 10 years. We are a very remote setting, yet easily accessible within 1/4 mile of paved Highway 11. There is also a campground available for people who are interested in camping. Electric and water hookups are available as are Mens/Womens showerhouse.

We offer boat, paddleboat and canoe rentals. There is no charge for boat launching and docking.

Bait and licenses are available. Ice and free freezer service for fish is also available. We have a screened in fish-cleaning house on grounds.

We have a Children's playground. We also have a sandy beach for swimming and relaxing.

Atikokan offers a small historic logging/mining town setting. The town has a golf course, beer store, large grocery store, hospital, small outdoors store and gas stations.


  • Smallmouth Bass
    If we don't have the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in the world, then we are very close to it. The rocky Canadian Shield Lakes surrounding Atikokan are well known for not only having extremely high populations of Smallmouth Bass but the highest concentration of Trophy Smallmouth Bass in Ontario. Smallmouth Bass in our area are very common in sizes leading up to 3 pounds. If you spend the day fishing specifically for Smallmouth Bass, you should catch a few in the 4 to 5-pound range. On occasion our guests have taken 6 to 7-pound monsters, which are considered trophy size by anyone.
  • Lake Trout
    Crystal Lake is absolutely stuffed with Lake Trout! The cool clean deep water of Crystal Lake provides tons of food and a perfect habitat for big monster Lake Trout as well as good numbers. Lake Trout in Crystal Lake come in all sizes. They are more common in the 2 to 6-pound range. There are 20 to 30 pound trout in our lake. Just like any other game fish, the big ones are big because they are smart so Lake Trout over 10 pounds are not caught as much.
  • Walleye
    Streams, rivers, rocky points, sunken shoals and healthy clean weed beds create the perfect habitat for Walleyes to grow big. The lakes and rivers in our area are no exception. Walleyes are common in to 1 to 3-pound range with bigger Walleyes up to the 10-pound mark being caught and released all spring and summer.
  • Northern Pike
    Many people think you have to fly to the far north to get big monster Northern Pike. In actual fact, we are not that far from the border yet still enjoy a wilderness environment with low fishing pressure. Northern Pike are common in the 2 to 6-pound range, which are great for eating. We do have many guests who specifically come to hunt down those big 20-pound plus lunkers, which patrol the shoreline and feast on our Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass.
Winter Activities:
We are now open during prime time for winter activities such as Snowmobiling and Cross Country Skiing on the hundreds of miles of groomed trails in the Atikokan and Quetico Park area. From January 1st through mid-April, we also offer the hottest ice fishing in Ontario. We customize packages for Trophy Northern Pike, Trophy Lake Trout, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass at very reasonable rate.

We also offer ATVing, Whitetail Deer Hunts, Moose Hunts, and Wolf Hunts!

Learn more at fishcrystal.com

Crystal Beach Resort
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